Case Study

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Case Study

Part I – Summary

The case passes the message that more organizations are seeing the importance of recruiting employees who have skills and the knowledge it takes to achieve better results. Employers now require workers who have cognitive capabilities that make it possible to solve problems and to make decisions, and also need service providers who have excellent interpersonal skills which enable them to work as a team. Employers also feel that some employees lack basic skills in math, while a large number (47%) cannot speak proper English.

The U.S. Department of Education categories adult literacy levels into three divisions. The first one is prose literacy which refers to the skills required to understand and utilize information from texts, document literacy which relates to the skills needed to identify and use information in non-textual sources, and quantitative literacy which is the knowledge required to perform mathematical operations. The categories show that 14% of American adults lack prose literacy, 12% performed poorly in document literacy, while 22% were deficient in quantitative literacy. The lack of vital knowledge among adults compels organizations to adopt effective basic and literacy programs that vary from one institution to the other with some taking an aptitude test while others embrace a one-to-one instruction method.

Some groups use technical training to empower workers with the motive of improving their skills. The technical programs include offering computer training, safety training, technical training, apprenticeship training, and quality training. The practice seeks to lower the skills gap which refers to the difference between the skills and knowledge required in a particular area of work and the skills owned by job applicants. The case creates the impression that lowering the skills gap would create a workforce where workers are competent in the way they handle their duties.

Part II – Response to Questions

Factors to Emphasize for Training of CSRs

Serving in a position that requires one to prepare and design training for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) would need one to emphasize cognitive and interpersonal skills. Emphasizing these areas will enable the service providers to solve problems that emanate from the customers as well as to make decisions that would yield the required results. Furthermore, the training will emphasize on interpersonal skills to equip the CSRs with skills on how to function as a team. Operating as a unit shall make it easy to deal with the emerging issues, and will also lessen the time it takes to go about the work processes.

The Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities to Develop

The training process shall pay attention to building particular skills, knowledge, and abilities to make it easy to provide services of high quality to the customers. The process shall equip the service providers with capabilities on communication processes to allow the workers serve the customers using kind words and the proper communicative approaches. Furthermore, the training shall empower the trainees with prose, document, and quantitative literacy to make it easy to acquire and use information from different sources to serve customers in the right way.



The Expertise CSRs need with Cisco Technology

CSRs need to acquire training on how Cisco technology works to facilitate customer service over the phone. The trainees in this scenario shall inform the workers how to apply networking using mobile apps to provide online services including customer care. The training shall also equip service providers with knowledge on how to identify the suitable programs that would enable them to issue online services.


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