Changes in Technology and their Effects on Schools





Changes in Technology and their Effects on Schools

Technology is advancing at a high speed with every day bringing developments that are aimed at easing access to information and navigation process of basic activities. With the current speed and trends in technology, there will be a lot of changes that will influence how people conduct daily and core activities by the year 2035. Schools and the education system are projected to be one of the greatest benefactors if the current trends are anything to reference. Therefore, the changes in technology will have both positive and adverse effects to schools and the education system as a whole by 2035.

The school system will be affected on several levels by the development in technology some of the changes will have the positive effects while others will have negative consequences that will adversely affect all parties. For instance, education could become cheaper in comparison to the current costs. The fall in price is projected to be as a result of the introduction of online classes, and virtual lectures which reduce the amount of money spent on acquiring and maintaining the physical locations. The students will be able to attend classes from home either on their laptop or gadgets that will contain all the relevant study material. Moreover, the advancement will give rise to more technology companies that will specialize in offering the needed gadgets and study materials to the students which will, in turn, create jobs for many individuals. However, the technology will affect the economic position of professions in the teaching sector seeing as virtual classrooms, and online classes will directly affect their job security rendering them jobless. Thus, economically, the schools and education system will experience both positive and negative economic effects in equal measure.

Socially and psychologically, the school fraternities will be greatly affected on either side of the scales. For instance, the education system is expected to improve significantly as technology will reduce many hurdles that students encounter especially in their research. The hurdles will be reduced by the fact that new systems that pool resource materials will be made readily available for the students (How Has Technology Changed Education?). Moreover, the students will have access to virtual teachers who will have all the information that they could require and be accessible to all students at all times. It will, in turn, reduce the problem of teacher shortage as a virtual or robot teacher can be prompted by a student at any time. However, the quality of education in terms of human connection will be reduced if not completely eradicated seeing as the students will be taught by robots and not people. Moreover, the students might develop anti-social behavior because of the limited interactions with their teachers and peers which may increase the number of students who have psychological disorders. Therefore, advancement in technology may cause addiction, degrade the value of human interaction in schools, and results in the development of psychological disorders associated with limited human interactions.

Schools and the education system will also be affected politically and economically due to the projected advancements in technology by 2035. The technology will ease most of the processes like dormitory allocation, exams, timetables, fees payment, and course allocations among others. Thus, the simplification of the process will reduce bureaucracy in the education system and reduce corruption and other politically motivated problems. Moreover, technology will have a more positive impact on the environment as it will reduce pollution seeing as the education system will be paperless attributed to the replacement of paper with online documentation.

Therefore, the projected technological developments in schools and education system by 2035 have both negative and positive changes that will proportionately impact on the quality and accessibility of education. The progression in technology will have various social, political, economic, environmental, and psychological impacts on all aspects of the education system.


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