Chapter Seven Essay Prompt





Chapter Seven Essay Prompt

Women are currently a significant portion of the number of offenders within the criminal justice system in the United States. A gender responsive perspective has been used as a platform for reformation of the criminal justice system as applicable to women facilities. It is evident that women have been subjected to a gendered criminal justice system in the United States. The criminal justice system can be termed as centered on the experiences of the male gender. This demands the need for inclusion of a female oriented criminal justice component that takes into consideration the experiences of women. The treatment of women offenders within the criminal justice system in the United States has been subjected to masculine constructs, provisions, assumptions.

Responding to the need for an equitable approach to the experiences of both men and women would ensure that both genders and their respective preferences and needs are catered for by the system. This is critical because of the complexities associated with the experiences of women in the criminal justice system. On the other hand, it is important to note that some components and elements of the criminal justice system are devoid of any gender constructs. The disregard for human rights is evident in correctional facilities for women. This has been attributed to gender biases in the treatment of women offenders. It is evident through inequality and discrimination procedures and conditions aimed at humiliation and imposing control on female populations within correctional facilities.

Reformation of penal policies for women from a gender responsive and specific perspective is critical towards effective administration of the criminal justice system. This is important because it recognizes and understands that female and male roles are social constructed. Thus the differences in experiences of men and women should be recognized to the given that such constructions have been specifically harmful to women’s roles in society and their functions. Reformation is critical because it is noted that initially criminal justice systems were developed by and intended for the male gender. This is based on the recognition of the presence of deficiencies in the criminal justice system that fails to acknowledge the presence of differences in experiences of both men and women because of social constructs of their respective roles.

Reforms are a reflection of the functionalities of the criminal justice system and its effects on the rights of all individuals such as professionals, offenders, witnesses, and victims as they interact with the entire system. This is critical towards address of the extensive systemic inequalities inherent in the criminal justice system. Furthermore, this eliminates for potential discrimination of individuals based on gender that may be predisposed in the criminal justice system. Ensuring equal access to individual protection, avenues for legal redress irrespective of individual gender as provided by the criminal justice system should be upheld in such reformations. Attention should be focused on the differences of impact of policies on both men and women and their respective experiences in the justice system.

Gender responsive policies implemented within the criminal justice system should be based on the human rights laws and more so the country’s constitution. Furthermore, this also focuses on international obligations and commitments of the country to international laws. This is critical towards enhanced delivery of services within the criminal justice system. Additionally, it also gives focus on establishment of representative, legitimate, and credible institutions. Additionally, it includes enhancing equal access to justice, devoid of gender constructs and consideration. Elimination of gender-based discrimination within the criminal justice system should be the primary focus of nay reforms. This is critical towards ending gender-based violence in societal and domestic settings.




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