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In the article “ Take time for what really matters – like connecting” by Stephen Wilbers, he uses the analogy of the words of Carol Berlings of Pathways Healing Centre to explain why details are not important when one is fighting for their life or trying to heal in the context of proper writing. The details, in this case, include the placements of commas and other mechanisms in writing structure that if you are lost in obsessing with, you may lose the context or meaning of the work you are reading. In my opinion, Wilbers is advising anybody writing any form of an article to be weary of the pitfalls of concentrating too much on the mechanics of impeccable writing without paying much attention to what the content is.

I chose this article because of the simplicity in the analogy that the writer uses to bring his point out. The words of Carol Berlings of Pathways are easy to associate with for no one wants to be bothered with details when they are trying to recover or are in a life-threatening situation. Sometimes, joy is found in the little things shared between people. Investing too much in the details may derail one from the intended result of a certain action. Consequently, when you take the same lessons and apply them to writing, you realize that sometimes a misplaced comma or a lack of it is not so important as to affect the intended meaning.

Personally, in not a believer in the philosophy of the ‘the end justifies the means’ which in this context would mean that any writing albeit with all its grammatical errors is acceptable as long as the meaning is clear. Contrary to this, I do believe in putting an effort in following the proper writing mechanisms, but I will not be distracted from the main intention of a written work because of errors that do not change the meaning.

In the second article “your-writing-speaks-volumes-about-your-competence,” Marcia Babcoke is adamant that errors in writing are a reflection of how competent one is. This reasoning behind what sounds like an indictment of the competency of anyone writing anything based only on the errors in the work is that a competent person will not make those errors. However, in my opinion, what is lost to the author with such a view is whether the errors alter the intended meaning or not. If the errors are so profound as to alter the intended meaning, then the author’s competency should be questioned.

It is true that glaring errors distract the reader and have a bearing on how they view your competence. I have added ‘glaring’ before the ‘errors’ as an indication of what kind of errors I would classify as having an impact on the competency view of a writer. I do not suppose that minor errors are enough to qualify someone as incompetent if not repeated as to cause one to question the writer’s understanding of writing basics. Thus, the two authors differ in how errors should be treated and what is important in a written work. While Wilbers believes that errors should not distract us from the content, Babcoke is of the view that errors not only distract us from the content but call into question the author’s capabilities to write. However, I agree with Wilbers’s view.

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