Compare and contrast





Compare and contrast

The brainstem, diencephalon, cerebellum and cerebrum are all brain segments. The brainstem is a medium that joins the cerebrum to the spine. It has other parts like pons, midbrain and medulla oblongata. The diencephalon is made of the thalamus and hypothalamus. This part makes the top of the brain stem. Cerebellum is a brain portion that is located above the brainstem. Although it is tiny, it has extremely important functions. It gives balance to the body, ensures coordination of body parts and muscle toning. The cerebrum is the most significant brain part. Its functions are thinking, interpreting senses, planning and influencing personality.

These parts share similarities in several ways. They are located close to each other, and some are dependent on others. For instance, the cerebrum is joined to the spine by the brain stem. This shows that the cerebrum depends on the brain stem for help. The cerebrums and diencephalons both share the function of enabling motor movement and sensory output. This is because the diencephalon is in the cerebrum hence having related functions. Since the cerebrum is the most voluminious  brain portion, all other parts are located in this place. The brainstem is at the lower most brain portion. It acts as the base of the brain and supports the other brain portion parts. For the brain to function to its full capacity, the parts need to assist each other and coordinate well. The brain should be well protected to avoid injuries. Brain damage on one part may result in affecting other parts.

Apart from similarities, there exist differences in these brain segments. The first difference is in their functions. The main function of the brain stem is to relay all the information from the body to the cerebellum and cerebrum. It contains nerves that are responsible for this function. Among the mentioned parts, there are no other parts that perform this function. Just like the brain stem, all other parts have a unique function that is not common to another part.

The brainstem, diencephalon, cerebellum and cerebrum are all brain segments but in different locations. The cerebellum is a very small part at the back of the brain. The brain stem is located at the base of the brain; the diencephalon is at the top of the brain while the cerebrum takes two third space of the brain. The different locations are strategic to enable the parts to function efficiently. For instance, the brainstem is at posterior lower part because it connects the brain to the spine. The cerebellum is at the rear end of the brain so that it can exhibit its functions, which are balancing the body, coordination and toning muscles.

Another evident difference is the size of these parts. They all have different sizes depending on their functions and adaptation. The cerebrum is the most voluminious  of these parts. Due to its many functions, it is bigger than the rest. For example, it is responsible for thinking and determining one’s intelligence. A larger capacity of thinking is better and more efficient than a small one. There are also other sensitive functions like learning, which require one to have a broad capacity of reasoning. Some parts like diencephalon consist of two lobes namely thalamus and hypothalamus. The sizes for these two lobes are suitable for the sensory output functions they do as well as being an organ for other pathways. These brain segmentss have both similarities and differences in different aspects like functions, sizes, location or any other aspect that can be used to compare and contrast. The most evident relationship they all have is the dependence they have towards each other. This makes them unique and extremely important parts of a human being.

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