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Credit Card

Visa assumes a significant position in the credit card market. Endorsed by more than 8 million merchant accounts, Visa provides benefits that range from conventional perquisites to premium recompenses (Sutton 132). Personal credit cards provided by the company in question provide a broad variety of benefits for holders within the United States and across the globe. Nonetheless, the greatest aspect that positions Visa as a viable option for a credit card involves its ability to avail credit to persons as well as business consumers regardless of the status of their credit rating. Unlike most credit card firms, Visa possesses a platform that allows potential customers to apply and receive their credit cards whether they possess null, bad, or good credit (Sutton 140). In this regard, potential cardholders can attain access to credit irrespective of the restrictive implications that tend to arise from credit ratings.

In terms of aspects such as the interest rates and the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), Visa provides its range of personal and business consumers with a beneficial package that does not expose them to significant debt. Across the credit cards that it avails to its consumers, specifically the Chase Freedom and the Chase Freedom Unlimited card, Visa ensures that its customers incur null charges related to the APR for the first 15 months after opening their respective accounts (Sutton 167). Consequently, interest rates are offered by the company at a minimum of 15 percent (Sutton 167). Based on both aspects, it is evident that the computation of the APR and the interest rates offer a good package for the cardholder, especially if they possess fair credit scores (Sutton 171). As an added benefit, Visa ensures that it provides affordable rates of interest for persons that possess past negative scores in relation to credit.


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