Crevecoeur’s Letter from an American Farmer: What is an American?

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Crevecoeur’s Letter from an American Farmer: What is an American?

Michel de Crevecoeur (1735-1813) was one of the foremost observers of the American society to utilize the concept of the “melting point”. The French scholar asserted that people from diverse backgrounds came together in the great American asylum and melted into what is now referred to as American.  Crevecoeur identifies several features as key features of America as a place. The scholar mentions factors such as substantial villages, good roads, decent houses, and bridges as some of the elements that attracted people to America. Crevecoeur further identifies navigable rivers and close gap between the rich and the poor as some of the features that drew people to America.

The author presents several key characteristics of the American that he refers to as the new man. The author notes that the area has a pleasant uniformity of civilized competence that is evident across the region. Crevecoeur further recognizes American to be a place where man is free contrary to Europe where the powerful dominate over the less fortunate. Finally, Crevecoeur considers America to be a place that brings together from different places including England, Scotland, Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany. The scholar feels that the promiscuous breed led to what people now refer to as Americans.

Crevecoeur’s description of the American race is accurate because interacting with Americans one realizes that the dwellers belong to different origins. An individual can realize the mixture by visiting places such as learning institutions, work places, health facilities, and sports clubs that bring many people together. The description is also accurate because the persons living in the U.S. in the current times are not the native people in this region.


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