Culture of England


Culture of England





Culture of England

  1. I chose the culture of England due to the rich history that it is associated with in the whole world, apart from its influence in the English language that is commonly used.
  2.  Travel and Leisure video of link

Travel and Leisure. (2016, June 17). England – History and Culture | LATITUDES | Episode 7 | Travel & Leisure. Retrieved from  contains the history and culture of England in general, especially with the marking of national days, the royal family, as well as the English language.

English Language and Literature Video

Cecil, W. (2014, April 7). English Language and Literature. Retrieved from  is a short production highlighting the English culture with dressing, literature, as well as architecture.

Life in the UK documentary video

Giraldo, T. (2014, September 2). Life in the UK Documentary. Retrieved from  signifies how policies and laws are made in the country, the systems within service provision, the religions and their effective influences on the people.

  1. Before the observations, I had several assumptions on the culture of England based on historical inferences from issues such as colonization, participation in the industrial revolution, as well as being a major empire. My assumptions were that the culture is one uniform including that of Scottish and Welsh, the religion was based on protestant with Anglican influence and that the political basis was just the monastery input across board.
  2. The political system in the Culture of England is composed of two ways that of the monastery and the three arms of government. The crown is symbolized through the presence of her majesty the Queen, while the arms of government compose of the executive, legislature, and judiciary (Giraldo, 2014). The Queen is the leader of the crown while a prime minister is in charge of the three arms of government. The prime minister is chosen by a democratic process of voting by the people, while the Queen is through the heir process of the royal family. Policies are debated, tabled, and passed through the legislative council of parliament and assented with the Queen’s permission.  The country has had the political system from way back and its success is pegged on the collaboration and understanding of the two systems together. The government does allow for political speech and action involving the civil input from the people and leaders alike.
  3. In the gender roles, females have to manage the domestic requirements in any homestead from the beginning. They are the nurtures of all children that the family setup consists of, while making that they have all adequate mannerisms and proper image portrayal. On the other hand, the males are the providers and protectors of each family unit (Travel and Leisure, 2016). They make sure that the basic needs are catered for at all times while giving the reassurance on security matters. Society expects that the females perform their roles on issues like domestic duties despite the maligning that follows even in the decisions-making process of each unit. Society also expects that the males fulfill their provision roles without failure even in the case of inability or limited capability.
  4. One of the most intriguing traditions that I came across is that of eating turkey on Christmas day. Due to the Christian religion, the marking of the day is on 25th December of each year. Hence, the turkeys are well prepared in readiness for the gracing of the day and its religious significance (Cecil, 2014). Another tradition is that of eating a traditional roast dinner on Sunday. It is taken that Sunday ensures that the family comes together as compared to all other day. The roast dinner then comprises of the traditional favorite meal which is shared over discussion on issues that affect the family as well as hopes and endeavors.
  5. There are various traditional cuisines that mark the Culture of England in a unique manner. The High Tea is one such, which, is separated from any other meal. Cider is used in the making of the tea as well as the other common ingredients of water and additives like sugar. It is then served in the home kettle and taken only in the morning as compared to the afternoon tea (Travel and Leisure, 2016). Roast beef is another conspicuous meal that is characterized by a chosen protein source of usually available animal like a bull. It is roasted in a ball setting where a patriotic ballad accompanies the procession.
  6. English is the national language, especially with the influence that is renowned with old Elizabethan influence and is usually different in lexical pronunciation from one region to another (Cecil, 2014).
  7. Communication in the culture of England makes use of verbal and non verbal means. In the verbal, intonation as well as speech delivery is used. For example, when having salutations, a high pitch in the good morning delivery symbolizes an enthusiastic approach as compared to the normal and low toned one. Another form is pronunciation with emphasis on the main part of the message (Giraldo, 2014). Non-verbal means include gesture and facial expression. For example, if a greeting is followed by bowing, it shows a sign of respect and dignity. On the other hand, if a discussion is followed by nodding of the head, then an agreement on the content is imminent.
  8. One of the main taxonomy components of the cultural group of the English is the physiological features that have been used to distinguish people from different backgrounds ((Cecil, 2014). For example, the Anglo Saxons are physically bigger in their appearances as compared to those who were literary described under the elves or dwarfs.

Notes from Travel and Leisure video

English language is pronounced differently from the people across various physical locations. The language is nationalistic in its representation.

Cultural influences make English representation nationalistic.

Increased pride among the people of their origins.

Notes from English Language and Literature Video

The culture of the people gives dominance to the male figure. Domestic duties are for women. Literature is rich in literary devices like poems, folktales, drama, plays, songs and the like. Passing of the pieces from one generation to another.

Meals and culinary are kept traditional.

Feast and traditions maintained at annual events.

Notes from Life in the UK documentary video

Politics of the English is under the rule of the Queen in conjunction with parliament.

Democracy is adhered to all facets of government and its functionalities.

Majority of the people in the culture are bound by religion, its beliefs, practices, and observation.

Lifestyle has drastically changed from medieval times.

Increased preferences for civilization under globalization effect but traditional values maintained.



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