Data Collection


Data Collection




Data Collection

Homeland Security faces several issues when it comes to data collection especially where there is conflict on the scope of coverage. For example, in line with dealing with criminal offenses, the department has been accused of discrimination against minority groups and immigrants. Therefore, obtaining data for analysis and law and enforcement improvement proves a challenge at all levels. One of the main limitations that the department faces when collecting data is the privacy and freedom of expression by the respective groups. Monitoring, questioning, and following up provide the law enforcers a chance to get primary data, which is vital when looking for means of reaching out to the affected groups (Stewart, 2017). Instead, the department is met with a barrage of accusations on police brutality, discrimination, and racial profiling by the African Americans and Latinos. The excessive force also attributed to the department’s treatment of suspects increases the limited rate of effective capture of crime data in the country. Therefore, the articulation of detailed analysis of its operations makes the department lack comprehensive information on ways to curb the rising cases of crime.

The following chart also offers a true reflection of police violence initiated against the black community all across the United States. It highlights the series of crimes committed in different parts of the country and provides the type of police response. The excessive use of force on minority groups is cited as the main contributor to higher deaths amongst this demographic (Miller, 2017). The chart contains data about the fatality rates of the other races. A better picture of the skewed manner of police behavior against blacks emerges. Its relevance is related to the recent period under examination and the accuracy of the case studies.















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