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Discussion Post

Thompson’s arguments are relatively fair as they provide an accurate view in terms of the right to life of a fetus. On the other hand, it is important to note of the right to life for a mother. Induced abortion should only be permissible in the event that the continued existence of the fetus endangers the life of the mother. Thompson implies that abortion deprives the fetus a right to life rather than express violation of such rights. For instance, when a woman is raped and conceives, she may opt to undertake an abortion as brining up the child would be a constant reminder of her pain and tragedy. In addition, this would also give rise to a form of hatred from the mother to the child. It can be assumed that in such cases, rape would be the best alternative as it deprives the pregnant woman of pain and spares the child from shame and hatred.

On the other hand, Thompson implies that carrying a pregnancy to term is not an obligation; rather it is an act of being a “good Samaritan’. However, despite her claims that pregnancy is not an obligation but an act of going beyond acceptable obligations, women can undertake abortions as morally permissible levels. Abortion within moral grounds involves ensuring that the optimal good is achieved.

From a utilitarian perspective, it can be noted that abortion should provide the optimal good to both the fetus and pregnant woman. This is illustrative of the role of circumstance in determination of the ethical implications of a decision to either commit abortion or spare the developing fetus. In addition, a woman has a role to play in decision-making as to either terminate or carry the pregnancy to term based on her own judgment. Circumstances may render an abortion morally upright or immoral and illegal if it is inspired by selfish needs rather than ensuring the wellbeing of either the woman or child.


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