Dream Job





Dream Job

Life is full of dreams, which are a powerful motivator towards achieving higher goals. Without them, there would be hardly anything to strive towards and nothing would provide us with an urge to push harder. Clearly, dreams determine our potential in life. My greatest dream job is to become a teacher. Teaching is the perfect job for me because I enjoy seeing other people learning and using new skills. Being a teacher is like nurturing a plant from when it is a seed until maturity, where the growth is the product of your work. Not all professions would have been achieved without the teachers who impart knowledge and skills into learners. This dream has largely been inspired by my teachers along the way who played an important part in shaping my life and personality.

The reason I want to become a teacher is that I have always looked at my tutors with the highest regards, considering they have trained me in almost everything I know. Just as an engineer builds a machine from raw materials into a perfectly finished product, so does a teacher create professionals from pieces of information gathered from across generations. Teachers ensure that crucial knowledge for human development and other purposes is passed down through generations. What makes teaching quite interesting for me is the fact that, one observes people fill their brains with vast information that will help them in their future endeavors. Teachers therefore, become the people who cultivate and produce professionals.

Currently, I am still learning under the careful instruction of my teachers whose main motivation is seeing my success in education. Almost everything I have learnt since I entered school as a child has been influenced by teachers, both directly and indirectly. As a young child, everything I wanted to learn, I asked a teacher. To me the teacher was the source of all knowledge, and I believed they knew everything there was to know. Their main aim is shaping me into a skilled person, with all the knowledge that is needed to face the modern life, which would be impossible without education. This is yet another reason that greatly inspires my dream to become a teacher. Additionally, the thought of shaping and helping others realize their potential in education greatly motivates me.

I love the art of teaching because it comes naturally to me. From when I was still young, I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with the people around me. It felt good when people learnt from me. This would motivate me to acquire more knowledge and skills, with which I would teach others. Today, I am always enthusiastic about acquiring new information. As a teacher, I know that I will have a lot of access to new information everyday. In order to be a teacher, one requires continuous learning to remain relevant. As things change, so does information, requiring one to learn more. Some of the information that was relevant five decades ago may no longer be used today, which makes it useless to teach. Therefore, becoming a teacher will require me to engage in life-long learning in order to keep shaping professionals of the future, which is my biggest dream.

I look forward to achieving my dream of becoming a teacher. The ability to impart other people with knowledge and new skills that shape their future is my ultimate goal in life. I enjoy having others learn from me, including my peers and elders, if I can teach them something new in their life. By teaching, I know I will produce many professionals who are going to serve various purposes in life, including leadership roles, doctors, and engineers amongst others. Being a part of their development into their desired career will be my biggest reward, just as my teachers have done with me.

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