Effect of chocolates on human memory






Effect of chocolates on human memory












Effect of chocolates on human memory.

Recent psychological and medical research on the human memory has shown variations in the ability of the human mind to remember things after the consumption of chocolate. This study was conducted to investigate the same effect but on the basis of gender. It will be relevant to psychology practitioners and doctors in trying to find information from the patients (Joel, 2008).

The hypothesis used is that chocolate consumption improves female memory more than male memory (1 tailed null hypothesis).This belief relies on the previous researches done on human psychology that showed significant improvements in female memory and therefore coming up with a definite hypothesis.

The method used is sampling and the use of questionnaires. Sampling was the best method of collecting participants as it is less time-consuming, practical and would give immediate results. Questionnaire were used to save the time for one on one interviews with the participants (Osteen, 2011).

The dependent variable is gender i.e. either man or woman and the independent variable include number of questions asked and the types of questions.

The research was conducted on 100 participants with 50% of them being men. They were all aged between the ages of 18-22 as it is considered the period when the brain is very active. The participants were all top performing students from the various colleges they were picked obtained.

The research was conducted at different times of the day with the first test at 8:00 am and no chocolates were used. The procedure involved reading out a prose essay in history and then answering a questionnaire after two hours. In the afternoon session conducted at 2:00 pm each participant was given 250 grams chocolate to eat an hour before reading a different essay. They were then giving them a questionnaire to answer two hours after the article was read.

The Assumptions include:

  1. All the participants were attentive during the essay reading
  2. The intelligence quotient of all the participants was the same

Most improvements were observed in the female members with 40 of them showing a significant above 20% growth, and the 10 showed an average 10 percent improvement in the second essay. The male also showed a relative improvement with 35 men improving by above 10% and the rest, not more than 7%. Relative improvement percentage was used as grading criteria.

From data analysis, the data collected showed a relative improvement in the human memory due to consumption of chocolates, most significant improvements being observed in females.

In conclusion, chocolate consumption leads improvement of the human memory (Andrew, & Anthony, 2012). Conducting the research was not simple as it involved dealing with a significant sample of participants with the greatest challenge being to analyze the results. I believe this research work provided me with a useful skill that will be necessary for my future career.




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