Einstein and Theoretical Physics





Einstein and Theoretical Physics

The text is based on the theories and principles championed by Albert Einstein in his attempts to explain the fundaments of theoretical physics. He maintains that science can be defined as an effort to make a chaotic diversity of the experience gathered by our sense to correspond to a rational and universal system of thoughts (Einstein). It is based on the rational perspective that explains what is visible and its connection to imagination and knowledge. There is no visible logical flaw in the text as it tells of the fundaments that explain most of the physics theories like the theory of gravity. The logic it explains is based on the fact that the principles advanced have been scientifically proven by both their discoverers and other supporters. The only tinge of flaw present is not logical it just uses a lot of mechanical words that could elude a layperson trying to understand some of the basic and visible experiences from a physicist’s point of view.

The narrative given by the author is to be taken both figuratively and literally as it describes the history and evolution of one of the major branches of science. For instance, he points out that some physicists took in the theory of Faraday with their mother’s milk which can be translated to figuratively mean that they took to understand the theory from a very tender age (Einstein). However, the entire story narrated literally as it accounts the evolution and development of the theoretical physics. The author gives a perfect explanation of the dilemma that he and his colleagues are faced as they strive to affirm a theory that has the simplest foundations but still yielding scientific and verifiable evidence. Therefore, the author maintains that while most people in his field seek to establish new theories, they are founded on the principle fundaments of existing experience and knowledge.


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