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Environmental Health Journal

Industrial hygiene has been around for several decades with the main objective of ensuring that people and their families are protected from occupational risks. As a study, industrial hygiene focuses on examining, understanding, and implementing increased safety standards. Within the workplace, the ordinary employee is exposed to a multitude of risk factors emanating from the work environment.

For this to occur, industrial hygienists engage in several key activities including investigating the working conditions across different organizations, proposing policy changes and recommendations and carrying out extensive scientific research into industrial risk factors. Public and private organizations are aware that it is useful to offer a safe and productive working environment but their enforcement is not guaranteed forcing third parties to ensure the implementation is standardized and complete. There is a close relationship between industrial and occupational hygiene in that both deal with maintaining high levels of safety in the workplace (Cooper & Kompier, 2012). Several key organizations have been at the forefront in maintaining the implementation of industrial hygiene levels especially OSHA. Apart from the individual level, industrial hygiene works to realize the greater objective of environmental conservation and safety. The adoption of environmental policies across different organizations translates into a nation that is safe and sustainable. The wide range of health and safety risks in the workplace makes it necessary to create and adopt additional measures. Physical and emotional issues experienced by workers, their families and the public include poor indoor air quality, solid waste pollution, hazardous metals and chemicals, trauma complications and the traditional occupational diseases.

In conclusion, it is imperative that organizations and individuals pay attention to industrial hygiene, as it is directly linked to employee performance and institutional reputation.



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Cooper, C., & Kompier, M. (2012). Preventing Stress, Improving Productivity: European Case Studies in the Workplace. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis.

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