Family Labor and the Growth of the Northern Colonies





Family Labor and the Growth of the Northern Colonies

The northern colonies started to experience expansion in the industrial and agricultural sector due to the cheaply available labor the slaves provided. The rich subjected the low-income families to cheap labor with the returns apparently inadequate to take care of the laborers’ needs. The majority of workers were of African origin whose entire household was assigned a particular duty. The women, for instance, served I farms while men served in the industries that were developing at a fast rate. The children, on the other hand, helped their parents with farm work, more so in handling small duties. The authors of Who Built America? have the suggestion that individuals ought to be free from all forms of oppression that may violate their rights. Clark et al. (131) inform that the individualistic freedom served a critical purpose in building the Southern colonies regarding the economy and democratic rights. A society based on family labor differs from a community based on democracy in the sense that in a democratic setup people has the freedom to advocate for higher payment while in a family labor the freedom is absent.

The description by the authors of Who Built America? that even though the northern colonies may not appear as a democratic society in the modern times, they were more democratic that any community in the 18th century is true. The argument is a real description of the northern American communities that opposed the use of slaves. The northerners claimed that every person deserves equal treatment regardless of their ethical background and even initiated legislative processes to free the blacks in bondage in the southern states. The call from the northerners played a significant role in freeing the captives in the south.






















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