Five Dysfunctions of a Team


Five Dysfunctions of a Team














Five Dysfunctions of a Team


The Five Dysfunctions of a Team provides a clear account of the various challenges present in all forms of organizations and institutions towards establishment of efficient and effective teams and groups.

  1. Lack of commitment

The absence of initiative and clarity impedes decision-making amongst the members in terms of clear strategies, rules, responsibilities, and regulations. It is associated with fear amongst team members. This is based on the need to ensure the presence of artificial harmony amongst members, which is an impediment towards appropriate productive conflicts in terms of ideas and opinions.

  1. Avoidance of accountability

The interpersonal discomfort associated with fear of conflict drives members of the team towards irresponsibility and failure to be accountable for their roles and actions in the team. This is associated with vulnerability issues amongst team members, which impedes the development of trust in the team or group

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High performing teams and groups have distinct characteristics and traits. Such traits include ability to ask for help and assumption of responsibilities. In addition, this also includes talking risks and communicating on limitations, progress, and feedback in relation to team or individual functions. The lack of commitment amongst team members is also relative to avoidance of responsibility and accountability amongst team ambers. They are all individual driven by the pursuit of individual needs and is manifested in the presence of conflicts of interest. Healthy engagement should be induced by ensuring communication of ideas and provoking ideological conflicts, which are productive in nature and not personal.

Accountability can be achieved if the members of a team are able to focus on individual competencies such as skills, knowledge, talent, and experience. Tapping into the talents of others within the team is effective in establishing respect and collaboration towards ensuring success for the team. Commitment can be achieved by ensuring that all members are able to given their expertise by delegation of tasks based on individual competencies and skills. In addition, this minimizes the incidences of accountability avoidance amongst the team members. This is relatively effective in ensuring that all team members are able to actualize their respective strategies and functions towards overall achievement of strategic goals and objectives of the team. This results in setting aside of personal interests and creates room for effective and productive ideological differences.


It is imperative for team members to ensure that they all avoid talking about unimportant issues and repetitive discussions of similar issues as a means of ensuring commitment and development of trust amongst the members. In addition, it is imperative for members of the team to ensure that they deliberate on critical issues as a means of ensuring productive ideological discussions and conflicts. This ensures that all embers are focused on the critical functions and objectives for the team. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the team members are aligned with respect to their capabilities and more so as a team towards the core objectives. Communication plays a critical role in ensuring an all-inclusive approach towards delegation of duties, contribution of ideas, ideals, and strategies in achievement of the core objectives of the team. Provision of opportunities for contribution by all members ensures that inclusion, accountability, and commitment are achieved. Commitment supersedes avoidance of accountability because it establishes trust and results in achievement of responsible behavior given that employees are committed to their respective roles in the team.

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