Five Psychology Terms





Five Psychology Terms


Distress is a form of negative stress that leads people to have high anxiety. People suffering from this form of stress find it hard to cope with certain situations and their overall well-being is negatively affected. Distress leads to unpleasant feelings on an individual due to heightened concern over the stressor (Sheldon and King 216). I experienced distress when my grandmother passed on. At that time, it was hard for me to cope with the gap that she left. She was my closest friend, and I felt a great loss. It was hard for me to eat, drink, and talk to my family and friends.


Aptitude is an inherent or acquired ability or capacity to do something. It is a form of intelligence or quickness to learn and apply new concepts in doing something. Aptitude enables an individual to fit easily into a given role. People who have high aptitude can easily and quickly learn new concepts in a given place such as in the workplace. Therefore, aptitude is what enables a person to be apt in doing something (Braun, Virginia, and Clarke 99). For instance, my sister told me last month that she took an aptitude test when she attended an interview for the position of a human resource manager. She told me that the test was meant to test whether she can handle certain scenarios that are common in the workplace.



Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is the psychological discomfort that a person experiences when he or she holds two beliefs that contradict one another. It is the feeling that something has to be done to eliminate the inconsistency of certain behaviors. Cognitive dissonance is the urge to seek internal harmony by reducing dissonance (Sheldon and King 216). A good example is when I moved from one high school to another. In my previous school, I used to take the first position. However, in my new school, I took position ten. This bothered me, and I had to do something about it: work harder and seek ways of reaching position one.

Social Loafing

Social loafing is the tendency of people to exert less effort when doing something. It describes people’s character of not working as much harder as they would do when they are doing something individually. People working as a group are likely to withdraw their efforts from the project they are working on (Sheldon and King 216). I remember one time when we had a group assignment to work on in our course. Apparently, the assignment was submitted late because some members failed to submit their contributions on time. As their group leader, I had to make a follow-up to ensure each member submits his or her contribution.


Extraversion is the tendency to seek social connection. It is characterized by talkativeness, excitability, and sociability. People who are extraverts are usually easy-going and are described as being positive. Extraversion is also characterized by high enthusiasm (Sheldon and King 216). A good example is my cousin whom we attended a wedding together last December. She quickly formed relationships with people attending the wedding. By the time we left the wedding, she already had ten new contacts, and one of them was a top chief executive officer in one of the banks in the country. Personally, I left the wedding without any contact, and she laughed at me a lot. She said I should emulate her.






















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