For Everyone Who Believe





For Everyone Who Believe

The advertisement is targeted at individuals with stable incomes who can afford to maintain the luxurious vehicle. The advertisement is adequate and effective in selling the various models of cars under one brand to suit diverse personalities as provided by the various scenes of the advertisement. The Porsche Macan is targeted at presumably successful individuals given the illustrations provided in the several scenes of the advertisement. The title of the advertisement, “For Everyone Who Believe” infers to the ability of any individual to own this exceptional model of Porsche. It seeks to distort the notion that only successful and wealthy individuals can earn a Porsche, by claiming that individuals who dare to believe and dream of owning this vehicle can possess it (Porsche).

The first scene of the advertisement features an aged man taking care of classic Porsche cars. This scene seeks to illustrate that Porsche as a brand, has undergone numerous changes. In addition, this has made it as one of the most sought after brands of modern times. In addition, it can be inferred that this scene seeks to affirm the idea that Porsche as brand, is highly experienced in terms of delivering high quality products to live up to its name. This scene is followed by one featuring a young boy looking on at a red Porsche Carrera. The allure of this model can be defined as exceptional given the expression of the young boy as he pauses riding his bicycle to look on at the car. From this scene, it is evident that Porsche has a variety of brands that can suit diverse needs, wants, and preferences for a wide array of clients. The red color of the Porsche Carrera has been used to illustrate boldness and authority, which results in commanded respect as the young boy looks in awe (Porsche).

The third scene features a woman who is dressed expensively as she moves gracefully into her garage and drives away in a Porsche. She seems pleased and energized from the smiles and gracefully walks to her car and drives it away. The vehicle suits her status as a rich, successful and satisfied executive given that it is evident she is carrying documents related to her work or business. The vehicle seems to compliment her status as an overachiever. The preceding scene is a man riding in a convertible Porsche with his dog. This scene seemingly illustrates social status, elegance, and success. The man and his dog seem to be enjoying the drive as they cruise through an avenue. This scene communicates that Porsche models are associated with elegance and high social status (Porsche).

The fifth scene illustrates how Porsche fits into the life of an athlete and can be easily used for daily activities such as exercise, going to work and spending time with friends or family. It can be easily incorporated in a variety of environments to suit varying needs, wants, and preferences of its owners. The advertisement illustrates that Porsche is part of day-to-day life. The combination of luxury, comfort, and performance as illustrated in all the scenes of this advertisement (Porsche).

From the advertisement, it is evident that the audiences being targeted are wealthy and successful individuals in a variety of professions or businesses. It communicates that belief is important towards achievements in life such as becoming a successful athlete, professional, and brand. The use of a young boy at the start of the commercial was informed by the need to illustrate that possibilities of achievement are limitless. Owning a Porsche Macan is possible if only one is able to undertake tasks with hard work and diligence. In addition, the scenes illustrate the agility of the vehicle and its ability to move swiftly. This communicates to the audience of the possibilities of achievement through belief and subsequent hard work (Porsche)






















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