Healthcare for all Americans is a great policy because it ensures that citizens are guaranteed a better lifestyle. The Affordable Care Act increased the number of people with medical insurance which benefits a larger majority of the population. Political bickering pitting Democrats and Republicans has propelled the current clamor for changes to this law. The recent executive order by president Trump has necessitated numerous changes which have adverse effects on US citizens (Gilbert, 2017). For example, healthcare costs for the elderly will be more expensive because younger people with healthier lifestyles will opt for cheaper Medicare plans. The insurance choices for consumers will also be limited because insurers will shift to the sale of cheaper association plans.

The US constitution provides a three tier system of governance encompassing the federal, state and local levels. States such as Florida have declined to expand Medicaid coverage citing the huge financial implications of such a move. For instance, Floridian lawmakers asserted that such a program would cost $18 billion over a span of 10 years with a likelihood of further increment at the expense of other development plans. The public health community can devise various strategies for increasing access to health insurance in SWFL. For instance, they can launch an awareness campaign especially for vulnerable communities to sensitize the public on the different healthcare services within the area (Pomey, 2015). Location of emergency medical centers in strategic areas is also helpful in increasing access to healthcare services too. Scaling up people’s access to virtual care using 24/7 interaction with physicians is another option. Creation of frontier health systems which integrate local and federal organizations in specific regions within the jurisdiction will facilitate the provision of inpatient care, outpatient care, emergency services and extended care. Encouragement of greater alignment pitting hospitals and social services in the area is also plausible because it would broaden the healthcare services.

The Blue Zones Project is a leading national initiative that has been localized in SWFL buy the NCH Healthcare System. This outfit organizes numerous public walks across the area using groups christened “Moai”. These entities have sensitized the public on the importance of exercising and maintaining an active lifestyle because it promotes better health. In fact, the project has diversified into having Zumba classes for their members. Such attractions are integral in highlighting the need for people to undergo regular medical checkups. The visibility of such groups helps in gaining a wider variety of healthcare providers willing to offer their services to underserved populations within this vast region (Mukau, 2013). It is also notable that this initiative has facilitated the interaction of healthcare givers such as physicians and nurses with the people. These forums are vital in enhancing better access to healthcare because of the exchange of information amongst the stakeholders.

The global health human rights information available reinforces the notion of communal groups engaging in such activities. Physical exercises stimulate the brain and aid in the acquisition of fitness. It is therefore laudable that such programs have gained traction in SWFL because they enhance a healthier local population. In fact, the success of the project is visible in the high levels of medical assistance sought by different people. Hospitals have recorded more visits and families have embraced better eating habits as well as exercises. Medical providers have also widened their client base which enhances the local population’s reputation as among the healthiest in the state.




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