Impact of my Childhood raising





Impact of my Childhood raising

Psychologists claim that all the emotions that you will experience in your life; you must have experienced it before you were more than five years old. Furthermore, they claim that emotions are what that provides the drive behind our actions. They also purport that actions, when repeated consistently, becomes a habit that reflects one’s character. Therefore, by extension, one may claim that a person’s character is determined by their childhood experiences. A person’s character evolves with time as one transitions into adulthood, but some residue of their childhood character remains.

I was born in South Africa shortly after the end of the apartheid rule. My father used to work for the railway company as a mechanical engineer. My mother was a volunteer teacher working in the slums of Soweto. Today, I feel that my character was a result of my parent’s influence on me. Since I was a science enthusiast since lower grade, I was close to my father, and I would sit in his drafts room as he peered through engineering diagrams for hours. Occasionally, he would use his draft’s man set for hours, drawing a structure that he was designing. I believe the character of diligently working hard tirelessly for hours I got it from my father. Moreover, I gained the trait of being meticulous about details from my dad. From my mother, I learned to be humble and grateful for what life had accorded me. Being white, with a dad with a well paying job, I never lacked anything that I asked for from my parents. However, during the weekends when my mother would compel me to accompany her to the slums, I saw how fortunate I was which resulted in my gratifying nature. Besides, the visits with my mother taught me to be always kind to the less fortunate in the society, a philanthropic practice I hold to this day. The person I am today was a product of my parent’s influence on me when I was growing up.

I am appreciative of my parents, for they instilled in me values that have helped me to face obstacles and challenges. My father taught me how to confront a problem with diligence and not quit until you get the solution you desire; a factor that has been instrumental in helping me go through the challenges I got in my academic, career and social life. Similarly, my father helped me to learn how to face the problems I encountered optimistically. She always told me that if I had the right attitude and faith, there was no doubt that I could solve anything, occasionally reciting the poem Hope is the thing with feathers (Dickinson 298). Therefore, the life values instilled in me by my parents helped me to face challenges optimistically, with the faith that if I only search hard enough, I would get the solution I seek to my problems.

Some of these values are in harmony with the society while some are not. However, some of these values are not in accord with the today’s society, but that does not mean that they are immoral or unethical. The hard economic times that a majority of the people faces, compels them to be self-centered and only focus on their own interest. However, my parent instilled in me that I should always find a way to share the little I had with the less fortunate in the society. My mother inspired me always to have faith and do good deeds irrespective of what others might think. The modern society depicts a different picture: if you do not conform to the popular culture than you are either a misfit or naïve. However, by sticking to the words of Robert Frost’s words, in my mother’s voice at the back of my memory assure me that by not conforming to the popular culture am making the right decision (Frost 2). It does no matter if the values one possesses are in accord with the society, all that counts is if they are ethically right and will ultimately lead to the betterment of the society.

My parents have been supportive of my aspiration. Since I decided that I wanted to be a politician, they have personally overseen that I acquire all the necessary skills before I enter the political arena. However, my parents were not very social thus were not in a position to teach me proper interpersonal skills such as charisma, a trait I greatly crave (Tan 1). They have purchased books and motivation DVDs to help me learn the art of politics. They have also sponsored me to numerous seminars on leadership skills that will help me with my future political career. However, my parents were not very social thus were not in a position to teach me proper interpersonal skills such as charisma, a trait I greatly crave.

In conclusion, despite revolting against my parent’s teachings when I was a teenager, by giving in to peer pressure and almost forgetting the values they instilled in me as a child. Fortunately, today those values are the compass that guides me through life towards achieving my ambitions of being a politician. Hope, kindness, persistence and hard work, were instilled in me by my parents and will help me to achieve any dream that I conceive.


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