International Leadership Strategies of Toyota and General Motors







International Leadership Strategies of Toyota and General Motors


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International Leadership Strategies of Toyota and General Motors

Toyota Motor Corporation

            The leading strategy aimed at improving the Toyota’s cultural responsiveness is its production system, popularly referred to as the Toyota Production System (TPS). Under this system, the company has subdivided the entire world into eight units to enable it respond to regional concerns more decisively. The eight regions include the following: North America, Europe, Japan, China, Asia and Middle East, East Asia and Oceania, Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Quality enhancement is the second tactic which has helped Toyota to be more culturally sensitive (Meyer, 2015). Most communities are more responsive to products which suit their growing needs. Thus, every year the company spends enormous resources on promoting innovations that can promote development of exciting products.

General Motors Corporation

            Unlike Toyota, GM has an unresponsive type of leadership. According to Helper and Henderson (2014), part of the reasons why GM lost its automobile global leadership to Toyota is failure to be responsive to stakeholder needs, especially suppliers. After dominating the global vehicle industry, GM somehow forgot to be courteous and to handle suppliers in a cultured manner that would ensure their loyalty. Conversely, Toyota handled its suppliers more graciously and usually held long-term contracts with them. Finally, in 2008 Toyota overtook GM to become the number one manufacturer of automobiles.

Personal Leadership Perspective

Personally, I am an introvert who works best in isolation. Even though this personality paints my image as a wayward person, over the years I have tried to learn behaviors that can complement it. One of them is practice of one-on-one interactions where I relate with my subjects freely. Besides, I am both a responsive and transformative leader. In the global cultural context, I am compatible to many cultures because I am a calming person. Therefore, being one of the top leaders of TMC requires me to look for ways that can adapt my introverted nature to the cultural objectives of the company. The company’s cultural sensitivity is promoted by regional production system and quality enhancement. As a result, because of my compatibility I can be deployed to any of its eight sub-regions. Moreover, my introvert nature will give me ample time to study people carefully so that I can inform the company what they need most.


Helper, S., & Henderson, R. (2014). Management practices, relational contracts, and the decline of General Motors. Harvard Business School.

Meyer, P. (2015). Toyota’s organizational culture characteristics: An analysis. Business management. Panmore Institute.





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