Into the wild




Into the wild

Into the Wild narrates Christopher McCandless’s encounters with a series of characters that assist in shaping his life. With a chronological format, McCandless’s story begins with his graduation from Emory University as a top athlete and student abandoning his possessions by giving $24,000 from his savings to charity. The story later unfolds his life encounters, having left the city to live in the wilderness in Alaska (Krakauer 45). The story was published and produced as a book and later as a film. Nevertheless, both the book and the film present unstated ideas. Sean Penn fails to include the protagonist’s childhood experiences, which are present n the book. The leading role’s decision and activities in the movie have been produced in a manner that suggests his alienation from the society is adventurous. Comparatively, the book presents McCandless as an individual who is socially disengaged. Moreover, the movie failed to disclose the scene where McCandless parents go to claim his body from the bus. Therefore, it changes the original perspective that the writer had in mind regarding his book. In contrast, the book is the original version of the story and all the ideas revolving the narrative are based solely in the book. Thus, the book lacks unstated ideas.

Comparisons between the book and the movie are distinct and create different perspectives for the reader and the viewer respectively. The book provides a detailed account of McCandless’s life experiences, which appears to be more of an autobiography with a chronological order. The movie presents the protagonist as a loner who deviates from the society and opts to live alone in the wilderness. In contrast, the movie offers more lenience to McCandless in that he is observed to have certain feelings and even build up relationships with other people. Sean exposes the leading role as an adventurer rather than the moody person reflected in the book. The difference between the book and movie alters the viewers’ perspective regarding the story, which destroys the story’s theme.




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