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Iphone 8x

Apple must have performed some marketing research before Apple iPhone X’s design and announcement to come up with a product that would allow the device to sale. The marketing team must have identified whether some buyers would be willing to pay higher prices to acquire a phone. The research was necessary considering the high nature of the iPhone. The marketing team must have identified the features that many iPhone users require in the contemporary times. The creation of the handset in a way that it takes the biometric information of the user through face recognition and its ability to give clearer images indicate that many users must have required devices that have similar features.

The iPhone X’s $1000 price point continues to generate controversies from buyers who feel that the limit is quite high. A majority of consumers believe that the price targets the highly paid earners thereby rendering it impossible for the individuals with median pay to own the gadget. The high cost of the new futuristic device prompt online mimics and memes with some jokingly stating that acquiring the handset will make them bankrupt. The company, however, may benefit from the price considering that the firm also targets the high earners in the society not only in the U.S. but also in other parts of the globe. The company believes that it would get high returns from selling a few products to buyers who are willing to afford the price based on the new and attractive qualities that come with the smartphone. The evident problem with the marketing research about the production of iPhone X is that the team in charge of sales and promotion failed to consider whether the phone will sell in regions where not many people earn high salary or income. Finally, if I were serving as the marketing director, I would come up with a price that is not very expensive but also not so cheap to generate little profit from the investment.

Apple is not trying to move to a different target market, but rather it is shifting how it designs and prices the products it develops to meet the changing needs of the consumers. The producer notes that users nowadays are willing to pay higher prices for items that match the qualities they need, and this pushes the manufacturer to develop costly devices. Apple, for instance, understands that some buyers prefer smartphones that are secure and which they can easily track in case of any loss. The team also knows that some customers may pay high for products that look attractive as it appears with iPhone X. The company, therefore, does not intend to shift its target market but to meet the consumers’ needs at different social classes.

I prefer to purchase iPhone X to iPhone 8 considering the attractive traits that the phone offers. I prefer iPhone X because of the facial recognition feature that allows the OLED screen to carry out a 3D topographical scan of the owner. I feel that the biometric recognition would keep the handset secure from individuals who steal other people’s smartphones. Furthermore, I prefer iPhone X’s user interface that incorporates advanced elements that make it enjoyable to use the gadget. iPhone 8 does not have an OLED screen which makes me feel that its display will not be as advanced as iPhone X.

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