Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga




Lady Gaga


  • Heightened popularity originating from the withdrawal of Kanye West from the tour
  • The “Haus of Gaga” is responsible for effective public relations that increases her success in live performances
  • Dominant online presence supported by high numbers in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube
  • Rapid growth of pop fan base that promotes higher album sales and countrywide tours
  • Aggressive marketing and promotion strategies across all major consumer regions globally
  • Positive financial returns from Internet-based album stores such as Amazon and iTunes


  • Lady Gaga is an upcoming artist and lacks the ability to marshal large audiences
  • The manager has little experience with organizing independent shows and tours
  • She is the subject of negative criticism that was caused by her association with Kanye West and the alleged tour
  • Slow-paced growth of her distribution network that restricts the sale of albums in stores and online


  • The artist can exploit the chance and release another music album
  • Lady Gaga can also reach out to different foreign markets in other continents such as Africa and Asia
  • The manager can increase his publicity team to include more experts such as makeup artists


  • Emerging pop artists that have a style similar to Gaga’s may threaten her popularity and position
  • Highly organized and centralized promoters and agents can create efficient tours that reduce chances for Lady Gaga and her team
  • New collaborations by established groups and artists such as Kanye West and Universal Music Group can edge out independent artists such as Lady Gaga
  • Cancellation of the remaining tours because of poor organization and overwhelming of the management team
  • She can venture into the clothing line business that can be initiated by her “Haus of Gaga” team

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