Love is the Answer


Love is the Answer





Love is the Answer

  1. Introduction
  2. Attention Getter

“Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you” are the unending words of the Christian messiah in Matthew 7:12 that summarize the universal law facilitating harmonious coexistence, the golden rule.

  1. Reason to Listen

This spirit of reciprocity can only flourish in a world whether people acknowledge equality, which the next person is just like me regardless of their physical attributes or their cultural or religious affiliation

  1. Credibility Statement

The implication has never been more relevant than today when our divided nation needs healing.


  1. Thesis Statement

The solution is love, yes; Love is the quality of a soul, thus our outward actions towards others reflect our internal condition.

  1. Preview of Main Points

Division, on the other hand, is based the perception of one group of people perceiving themselves as superior to everyone else in order to get amass economic resources.

  1. Main Point

Speaking is a verb, a doing word. It can be argued that it is an action; with similar consequences to physical force.

  1. Idea of development or supports for Main Point

Unlike the latter, that likes a visible dent, words attack the mind and in turn the heart

  1. Support material (statistics, quotations, cite source)

They spread an idea that can build or destroy the heart (Banks et al, 2005).

  1. Support material (statistics, quotations, cite source)

Generations have adopted this false worldview and perpetuated it due to misconstrued perfection of reality, a legacy of hatred inherited from their parents (Mandela, 2013). However, as Nelson Mandela implied not all is lost. He sorted that no man was born with hate rather it is a learned concept; in the same way, love can be taught, as man is predisposed towards love.

Idea of development

In order to coexist with each other, we must learn to appreciate the value of the each individual. Man is a social being whose existence is founded on interactions with others.

Support material (statistics, quotations, cite source)

  • It follows that in the early civilization the worst form of punishment was excommunication to wander in the wilderness alone (Duxbury, 2008).
  1. Conclusion

We need each other to survive. Everyone has a role to play in the development of society; they should be able to perform their role with the

  1. Main Point
  2. Idea of development or supports for Main Point
  3. Conclusion
  4. Support material (statistics, quotations, cite source)



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