A manager is someone in an organization who has the responsibility of getting the organizational activities done by other people who work under them. They also make sure that the goals set by the organization are achieved. In addition, they ensure that the functions of management, which is, organizing, planning and controlling are executed. On the other hand, management is a process of getting activities done within an organization. It involves setting of objectives first and then laying out strategies to execute those plans with the view to achieving the goals in a specified time frame.

Many organizations are often faced with challenges that make its operations difficult. These challenges end up causing problems within the organization and to some severe levels. If the challenges are not addressed immediately, they might lead to the dissolution of an organization (McNabb, 2005). Challenges are often inevitable in many circumstances and, therefore, when they come they should be solved to allow the operations of an organization continue.

One major problem that is in management is the lack of leadership skills. An organization is some entity that needs upright leadership to be successful. Many organizations require managers with good leadership skills. Such organizations are involved in decision-making. Therefore, they need a manager who is competent and is well equipped with team building techniques. Such a manager who cannot lead his or team to work together can lead to the closure of an organization. Due to this, I would like to stress the importance of good leadership in the management of an organization.

Another aspect of leadership is the interpersonal skills. It involves how the manager relates to the staff in the organization. Lack of proper interpersonal skills may lead to poor communication and as a result it will give rise to the failure of the organization to perform its activities efficiently. Therefore, the relationship between a manager and his or her juniors in the organization is important and can affect the way the business performs. A good manager should be conscious of the needs of the workers in the organization. He should create a rapport with the workers to give them confidence at work (Robbins & Coulter, 2005).

In conclusion, leadership is based on beliefs and principles. Good managers should be guided by the values of the organization and self-imposed values. They should serve as custodians of values that govern the operations of the organization. By exhibiting good values, they act as role models for the junior staff.

















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