Marketers Find Effective Communication With Pinterest





Marketers Find Effective Communication With Pinterest

How marketers use Pinterest to improve marketing communications.

Through posting of images for advertisement purposes.

Marketing communications improves when a company posts pictures with information about a particular brand or introduction of a new brand. Most pictures communicate a thousand words without necessarily putting words in it. A company introduces a new brand of product e.g. a new shoe suited for mountain climbing. They can take pictures of someone walking with the shoes on top of a mountain from different angles. When the pictures are posted online through the Pinterest, Pinterest users can study the image and learn how to wear the shoe on mountainous areas. Some customers prefer looking at the pictures rather than listening to a marketer.

Moreover, when there is a change in a particular commodity, the company takes pictures of the new product from different angles and show the viewers what has changed from the old brand. This is an easy method of marketing communication because you only use a minimal time to convince a buyer rather than face to face communication.

Through adding a small description on posts and pins.

Adding a description to a published picture gives the customer an easy task to understand more about what you have posted. When a picture is too complicated to comprehend, displaying small description gives the viewers an option to get the information that they did not get from the image.

Through posting of videos.

A company may increase its marketing communication through uploading of a video that explain a particular change or the introduction of something new. This makes it easy to elaborate a particular issue to the customer.

Why it might be better to post an image that conveys an emotional response rather than a mere advertisement.

Human beings possess an emotional part that is easily convinced when someone uses an emotional act or thing. An image with an emotional response is far much better than a mere advertisement because when feeling is involved, majority of the people feel touched, concerned or even feel pity when they see something that is emotional. Convincing someone who is emotionally moved is very easy because the power to resist anything is usually lowered, and the majority of people end up saying yes to things that they did not intend to buy. Simple advertisements that lack emotional touch can end up being ignored.

Pinterest as a customer relationship management tool


Pinterest can act as a customer relationship management tool through crowdsourcing. For example, when the business can request customers to send pictures of themselves holding a specific brand or product. The company can decide to give vouchers to any person who send a particular type of picture.

Improving sales.

Posting of eye-catching images and captions that are thoughtful can encourage the users to follow the company’s link to its website. That is, excellent pictures and lovely captions can convince customers to purchase a particular brand.

Excellent networking opportunity.

The Pinterest followers can easily interact with the organization. For example, they can comment on the pins made by the company, and a conversation with the followers can start thus providing a platform to interact easily with the customers.

Posting videos.

Pinterest provides a platform where a company may post videos for the customers to see, for example, a how to do video. This makes is it easy to explain or advertise something to the client.




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