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Master Program Application


I am applying for the master’s program in non-profit management as means of fulfilling my academic goal. As I pursue the accelerated Master’s Program within my course, I intend to reach the epitome of academic achievement while having the necessary knowledge and expertise to make an impact in the field of study. Similarly, I will have enough time to carry out research especially where my input would have a direct influence on the real causes of inequality in America. On the other hand, it would set me up to attain my Ph. D certification once I complete the Master’s course. As for my qualifications, I finished my high school studies in Iowa and pursued a degree course. I have always been a disciplined and hardworking student, focused, and well motivated. I believe that my academic achievements have prepared me well for this course. I can spend hours studying efficiently as well as work in high-pressure situations. In addition, having interacted with students who have taken part in the accelerated program, I am at a better position to advance my career in a rapid rate and thus boost millions of lives that require change.

My purpose of applying for this program is to fulfill my passion of transforming lives through the power of charity. Through the encouragement that my parents have provided from a young age, I have been able to participate in charitable activities on an annual basis thereby inspiring me to pursue the professional input that it has. Together with my keen interest in business, I can combine the two features to obtain the management aspect of charity. It will be possible through non-profit management as an intentional concentration and derivation of my pursuit with the relevant course. On the other hand, I have always dreamt of improving the chances of children from disadvantaged backgrounds and create a mechanism for them to succeed just as the others. The children should also be provided with the same opportunities as the others regardless of their social status, backgrounds, races, ethnicities, or beliefs in the community. They are not meant to work effortlessly to achieve the same provisions as those from wealthy backgrounds. Armed with the above indications, I draw my inspiration to realize this dream through obtaining the highest possible certification in the course.

My career objective is to be a pioneer in the proper management of charitable organizations, and therefore cause a shift in the operations and functionality of the same. One of the main undoing in the charity associations is mismanagement, which in most cases leads to closure of the non-profit agencies as well as reduced donations. In so doing, many innocent children and deserving people in the society end up losing opportunities to transform their lives, their families, and communities at large. Achieving the master’s certification will provide the necessary logical step to fulfill my dream as I concentrate on the non-profit distinction. On the larger scale, through the role of leadership, I will address the major issue affecting America, which is inequality. It compounds the whole setup of society and causes division among the people especially with different parameters of gender, social class, backgrounds, and race. Pursuing my career in non-profit management will spearhead a change in the overall view and representation of inequality as I will focus on transforming lives and creating positive outlooks on experience for all.


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