Media Analysis and Comparison





Media Analysis and Comparison


The United States secret service has come under scrutiny for a number of security breaches witnessed in the past few months. The Secret Service Security under president barrack Obama’s term has been marked by a number of security breaches and failures. The recent failure include revelations that three secret service agents within the presidential detail tasked with providing the president with protection engaged in binge drinking in Amsterdam while on duty. In addition, another incident took place on September 16th whereby a security contractor in possession of a firearm and a record of assault was placed in the same elevator with the president while on a visit in Atlanta. The third and recent event involved a man armed with a knife who jumped over the white house fence and manages to gain entry into the east room before being tackled by an off duty security agent (NBCNews).


The report provides a long list of security breaches that jeopardized the security of the president. It illustrates the failure by the Secret Service to adhere to protocols and ensuring due diligence in providing security to customers. The news report is effective in highlighting the severity of the security lapses that have been experienced during president Obama’s presidential term (NBCNews).

Saturday Night Live 40

In the Season 2, Episode 7, the program focused on the resignation by the Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned in the aftermath of a security breach whereby an armed man jumped the white house fence and managed to gain entry into the East wing of the white House. In addition, her resignation was also brought about by other security failures as uncovered by the congressional inquiry (NBCNews).


The Saturday night live provides an overview of recent news events while using satire in illustrating the irony in decision-making by some officials within the security organs. In addition, the program utilizes other forms of entertainment as a means of luring and enhancing the interactions with the audiences. The program uses humor as it questions the subsequent lapses in the security within the white house and the Secret Service Detail tasked with protection of the United States president.

The NBC news report provides an account outlining the security breaches in chronological order with an aim of highlighting the failures by the Secret Service administrators in ensuring effectiveness in delivering security to the United States president. The report uses a formal language and proof with videos of the events and information that resulted in resignation of two directors in the Secret Service (NBCNews). The compilation of the report also illustrates the critical nature of security breaches especially within the Secret Service. In addition, it highlights the need for rethinking of the security strategies amongst entities tasked with ensuring the protection and safety of the resident. The tone used within the report indicates concern and worrisome state of the Secret Service in terms of ensuring the safety of the president and his family. It is assumed that the failures were brought about lack of understanding of various protocols and adherence to the strict guidelines within the president‘s security detail and the entire Secret Service. Furthermore, this calls for the restructuring of the Secret Service to ensure that qualified, experienced, and diligent officials are appointed to administrate the Secret Service.





















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