How is the veil viewed by the author?

The author has positive thoughts about the veil. She believes in the veil as a form of identity for the Muslim woman. Although she is not veiled, she does recognize the importance of the veil for the practicing Muslim women. She notes that many western people are ignorant concerning the value, role, and importance of the vein. While some consider it a fashion statement, others see it as a form of subjugation. The author notes that if people took some time to know more about the veil, then they would stop believing in stereotypes and misconceptions. She goes through history to establish how her country has treated the veil. She notes that previous governments have been misinformed by their decision to implement compulsory de-veiling and veiling. They have interfered with women’s rights and they have caused them to suffer.

How is the veil seen as a protective and identity-forming piece of clothing?

Many women have come to accept the veil as part of their clothing and as a representation of their culture and religion. The author notes how her grandmother and other women in her era felt naked when the government banned veiling. They had been cultured to wear the veil and they saw themselves naked without it. Practicing Muslims recognize the importance of the veil as it helps them maintain their dignity. Even though the veil is not mentioned in the Quran expressively, many women have come to take it as part of their religion. Thus, they have formed their identity around it. Moreover, historically, women have used the veil as a symbol of power, especially against the men. According to tradition, the veil is a way for the women to show the men that they respect them. Therefore, if the women threaten to unveil or appear in the presence of men without the veil, then it shows that they do not regard the men highly. The veil is a symbol of decency for the women. Women were expected to wear the veil in public as a way of identifying and protecting them. Veiled women are respected within the society.

What would be an equivalent for a non-Muslim? Or is there one?

Non-Muslims also differentiate between decent and indecent clothing. They get different treatment and measure of respect based on what they wear. Women who take the effort to dress decently are respected for it. On the other hand, some women wear indecently and they end up revealing more skin than is normally the case. In many cases, such women are not respected. Even though they may not cover their hair or wear clothing that cover every aspect of their body, they have established varying levels of decency. Such practices include wearing clothes that are not revealing in terms of being transparent, wearing clothes of a decent length and ensuring that they are not too short as to make a person uncomfortable, and wearing well fitting clothes that are not too tight. Moreover, older women are expected to distinguish themselves based on their appearance. They do not wear the same type and style of clothes as the younger ones do.

In addition to the article, what do the tenets of Islam propose as a way to give rights and protection to women?

Islam recognizes that women are entitled to certain rights and privileges. They have the freedom to select the person they will marry, divorce, and receive inheritance. In addition, women have the right to receive an education. Many Muslim women are educated and they have changed their families and societies. They have gained positions of influence and privileges. In some cases, they have participated in the political affairs of their country. The Quran lays out the foundation for Islam. It contains laws that govern how men and women Muslims should live and interact with each other. In addition, the instructions laid out in the hadith are important in showing people how they should live, by emulating the life of Prophet Mohammed.

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