Negative Communication Patterns





Negative Communication Patterns

Psychology is a field of science that encompasses the study of the human mind and the way humans behave in different situations. Escalation is a psychological term that occurs when one continually expresses a negative behavior, and they continue to show that action with a justification that it is the right thing to do. Instead of them changing the negative behavior, most of the time they distort the negative consequences to more positive outcomes. In other words, the people who believe that a behavior is wrong may continue to express such negative behavior.

A case in point about escalation is that situation where a particular group of people are used to certain types of food, for instance, junk foods. Despite having knowledge about the negative consequences such as obesity, they continue to use such foods with justification that they are checking on their weights. This habit is scientifically proven to be unhealthy, and the effects are well documented. Another scenario is whereby someone is used to taking tobacco, and they will continue to justify the habit maybe by reducing the quantity they take to make it less harmful.

Escalation is a problem that has to be solved to prevent further consequences of negative behavior to occur. One of the strategies includes taking the individual through counseling sessions about the problems they face. Strict follow-up activities should be done after counseling. Finally, the alternative behavior should be used, and it should have a positive influence on the individual’s life.

Invalidation is whereby one rejects, ignores, teases or even diminishes someone’s feelings. It is an attempt to control how someone feels and even for how long they feel so. Invalidation may make one to suffer from unmet emotional needs. If it happens to children, it may make them even begin to distrust their emotions. It is a psychological abuse that kills the person’s confidence, his creativity and even denies them the ability to be themselves. For instance, there are these children who never get to have a conversation with their parents. Such parents busy and don’t interact with them. They are not able to express their feelings and emotions. Also in a class, there are students who are not given the chance to express how they feel about issues in class. Such students also lack the opportunity to talk out their feelings and emotions

Such cases should be noticed at an early stage so that interventions can be set up to correct such behaviors. This situation can be accomplished by first accepting those close to us, what they feel and how they react to such feelings. We should be accommodative of them by giving them an audience so that they express their feelings other than suppressing them. Parents should also create time to talk to their children.

Withdrawal is a phenomenon that occurs when a person has stopped a behavior that they were previously addicted. Such situations come with some discomfort. An example is someone who is addicted to cocaine. At the point when they stop using the cocaine they experience a feeling of discomfort that comes with certain effects on the body. The feeling always is as a result of the body becoming metabolically adapted to the substance.

The following strategies should be considered, in this case. They are always urged to be under strict supervision so as to avoid restarting the behavior since most of them are drug addicts. The individual should be engaged in more meaningful activities. They should also be taken to rehabilitation centers for counseling depending on their conditions.

Negative interpretation implies a situation whereby even when there is equal intensity in certain circumstances, there is a higher chance that the unpleasant sight have a greater effect on the individual. This position is also as a result of how we view people and our relationship with those close to us. For example, one will always interpret a comment from another to be victimizing him or her in a conversation. Another example is when one has a pre-formed opinion about a matter. They will always tend to interpret them wrongly to suit their initial thoughts.

For this subject matter, I urge that such situations are always counteracted by good listening skill and positive attitude towards other people. They should be trained in communication skills to enable them have a free conversation without preformed opinions. They should be taught in critical thinking as sometimes there is much to what is said by someone. Being critical may make us understand and deduce a fact from a conversation correctly.



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