Organizational Culture


Organizational Culture












Organizational Culture

Topic 1: Current Status of Organization

            The logistics company lacks a proper communication framework especially for teams undertaking huge projects. The lack of proper coordination especially amongst the transportation division and the supply chain unithampers the completion of the different logistical ventures. In fact, there has been a rise in the alteration of budgetary allocations occasioned by the delays in meeting timelines. Sometimes problems arise because of minimal knowledge of the business by employees in the inventory section. Fewer people understand the value of maintaining stock levels for even the slow-moving goods. In most instances, the use of highly technical shipping, and freight terms and their attendant legal jargon provides a challenge to members of staff. The corporation employs a large immigrant demographic. This development has on a few occasions proven problematic because of the language barrier. Project leaders have encountered instances where junior members of staff have failed to execute instructions given by them because of incomprehension of such directives. This mostly involves technical terms dealing with machinery and equipment. Project management under these circumstances becomes difficult and a lot of time is wasted revisiting the issues. The monetary impact affects revenue collection too. The firm is a high-performance organization because it contains different systems of checks and balances that monitor the initiation and execution of different strategies. This is done under a clear framework that lays an emphasis on the continuous renewal and improvement of the systems. For example, there is a monthly interdepartmental meeting that encourages workers to suggest innovative ways of performing their tasks. An incentive program exists for rewarding successful concepts. It is an approach that facilitates the delivery of top-notch goods and services irrespective of the cost.

Topic 2: Recommendations

The company should tailor communications to different stakeholder groups as a way of preventing further derailment in project completion. A corporate culture exists within the business that has internalized the vision of the founders. Different departments have varying responsibilities and require appropriate briefing in order to succeed in these tasks. It is however envisioned that these divisions interdepend on one another. Their functions are therefore complementary. For example, the transport personnel should be informed of the proper routes and updated on the contractual obligations for making the deliveries (Project Management Institute, 2013). Staff in the inventory department should be acquainted with the type and form of goods while marketers deserve market research information pertinent to the logistics handled by the company. The management have to be given the financial data associated with the project in order to assess its viability. Such a scheme needs a project leader who would liaise with the executives and act as a link between them and the junior project members.  As such, all employees would understand the tasks and expectations of their roles while everyone sticking to the ultimate goal of offering better customer service in line with the corporation’s vision.

Compartmentalization of information is vital in ensuring each department fulfils the goals outlined in the company’s portfolio. It maximizes the available time and resources on the integral aspects of a project by keeping the respective team members preoccupied with issues that concern them. This approach also minimizes chances of distraction because it guides each unit on the relevant parts of the venture and avoids unnecessary obsession with issues better handled by other workers. The tailoring of information provides the management with a simpler way of monitoring progress of the project because of non-interference from other groups. It also simplifies detection of mistakes within the supply chain because the team leaders have a better understanding of the people privy to various instructions. Such an initiative encourages the structuring of integral feedback from different workers because their focus would be on specific issues rather than general items concerning the project (Project Management Institute, 2013). This would aid in conducting a self-assessmentfor the determination of corrective measures aimed at making the venture a success. Dissemination of such information in this manner also prevents its distortion or wrongful interpretation by workers.

It is easier to seek clarifications because the material is manageable. It reduces the occurrence of overwhelming directives some of which are only applicable to specific departments. As such, this encourages creativity amongst the workforce through innovation of ingenious ways of meeting the deadlines without compromising the integrity of the process. It enhances the inculcation of a high performance organizational doctrine where continuous evaluation of the systems is possible. Streamlining of the communication channels in this manner saves a lot of time and company resources which lowers the rate of expenditure. The firm is able to record higher profits from this initiative that can be rerouted to other sections of the corporation for greater monetary gain. It improves the efficiency of communication amongst employees too while encouraging an uptake in competitiveness throughout the business. This increases options of career development for individual staff members while enhancing revenue collection for the business. It is therefore the best route for the logistics company which seeks to make a global footprint in a highly competitive market.






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