Paris Transportation





Paris Transportation

The city of Paris has approximately 2,273,400 people. The city is located on an area of 105kms area. Paris being one of the most glamour’s cities in the world it commutes a lot of business people and tourists on a daily basis.

The city uses a system of train that enters the city from morning to evening seven times a day. Paris is among the most crowded cities in the world.

The streets are full with tourist and businesspersons. This makes it harder to walk fast in the street for the number of population is high. The highways are also affected due to the increase in number of vehicles in the city. Traffic mostly forms in the motorway, apart from the city having a good number of roads.

The city has special bus lane but in most cases, they share with the cyclists. This makes it easy for the commercial buses have their lane hence promoting fast means of public transport.

The city of Paris looked for possible means on how they can improve on the means of transport to prevent wastage of time in traffics. By the use of bicycles, the citizens were able to escape traffic problems. The city made stations where bicycles were kept, and one would cycle and leave the bicycle at the next station. This method was effective and useful for the city.

The use of bicycles is efficient in the city for it can be used to stop trains and busses two miles away from the airport.

Train as one of the most used means of commuting in Paris poses some environmental impact. This includes air pollution due to the emission of smoke this causes a risk to the space for the ozone area is affected. This may lead to global warming that may affect the people’s health as well as create a change in climate of the city. Furthermore, the trains also contribute to noise pollution when dispatching or when hooting. It produces loud sounds that may affect people for they may develop ear problems that may decrease their hearing capabilities if regularly exposed . The buses and trains also produce fumes that contribute to visual pollution. The fumes produced by the exhaust pipe  are very dark which end up covering the space this affects the ability to see and can also cause eyes problems.

Statistics shows that close to 70% of people in Paris commute by the means of train this including the electric train and the manual train. Buses stand at 20% while the cars percentage is 10%. These shows the trains are the most used means of transport in Paris.

The cost of a single ticket in Paris is roughly 2 Euros but for the White-colored tickets it s slightly high purchased at 14 Euros. Most of the busses and trains commute in the morning, afternoon, and evening hours.

The estimated distance between stops and station is about 500 meters in most of the towns.

The city has discovered ways on how to influence public transport. It has ensured the availability of fast means like the use of trains, which save time. Reduction in charges is another aspect that has been used to promote the public transport for it is currently affordable.

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