Peaceful Warrior: Movie Review

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Peaceful Warrior: Movie Review


The movie “Peaceful Warrior” is about Dan Millman, a male university student who is obsessed with being a gymnast. Even at a youthful age, he enjoys numerous privileges of being a top athlete, including fame, girls, and wealth such as motorcycles. However, his passion for the sport makes him delusional to a point where he loses his composure. Apparently, his main focus is to win the National Championship competition, something that has made him edgy. One morning when he decides to take a run to calm himself, he meets a man in a local filling station who seems to understand his problem. Incidentally, the man resembles a mysterious person he had seen earlier in a nightmare, and he decides to name him Socrates.

To help Dan solve his problem, Socrates first introduces him to a lesson that talks about the prominence of the present moment. Specifically, he informs him that there is something taking place each second and that there is a moment for everything. After listening to him, Dan discovers that the process of attaining a goal is more important than the act of achieving it. As a result, he begins to appreciate each moment he spends training. Unfortunately, his progress takes a tragic turn after he shatters his right femur bone in an accident involving his motorcycle. He almost gives up the dream of becoming a national champion, but Socrates redeems it by offering to be his trainer. Dan manages to set his mind on present things, and eventually he becomes fit to compete in national competitions. Although he is unable to locate Socrates during the final day of the contest, he appears in his mind while on stage. He reminds him of the significance of the present moment and at that instant Dan performs flips that help his team win the competition.


“Peaceful Warrior” is simply a story of a male teenager whose superego is in conflict with the environment. He seems to be in a personality crisis where his superego is pushing him to desire for things that cannot be immediately satisfied. As a result, he develops high levels of stress because he cannot gratify his strong urge of becoming a national gymnastic champion. In brief, his anxiety is as a result of his inability to exercise control over his wants.

The best way to manage distressful situations is to implement coping strategies (Butcher, Mineka, and Hooley 135). Apparently, Dan is incapable of doing so until he meets Socrates, a metaphorical character who appears to him in a dream. The role of Socrates is to help him adjust to the situations that exceed his capabilities by imposing upon him a coping strategy that uses the present moment as a source of self-control and motivation. For instance, he helps him lose his distractive fascination about winning a gold medal, as well as regain his faith after suffering an injury. Most importantly, Socrates inspires him to win the competition.

Lessons and Thoughts

Dan’s experience is a demonstration of how life applies restrictions on people’s wishes. Naturally, every person wants to reach a certain point of self-actualization. However, both individual and environmental impediments get in the way of that dream. Unfortunately, most people get frustrated because of their impatience, or lack of discipline. As a result, they fail to notice that there is a season meant for everything. Overall, this movie teaches its audience that time has a way of fulfilling everybody’s wishes as long as there is adequate commitment. Therefore, to be successful one has to take full advantage of the present moment.

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