Peasants’ Life during the Han Dynasty





Peasants’ Life during the Han Dynasty

China underwent through the leadership of several dynasties before transforming into the modern society. The Han dynasty served as the second imperial rule in China that served from 206BC-220AD after the Qin dynasty that functioned from 221-206BC (Hansen, 31). The Chinese consider the Han dynasty to be the golden age when many citizens acquired insight on many things. Besides the economic prosperity that was evident during the period, the society fell into different social classes with the rich leading a better life than the peasants. The farmers inhabited rural settings and worked hard to get food and other requirements.

Life was enjoyable for the rich who occupied large houses that were full of decorations but that were not the case with many peasants who struggled to achieve what they want. Wang (157) writes that the peasants who lived in the city faced a hard life because they lived in poorly maintained houses and sometimes went without food for several days. The farmers in the rural settings led a relatively better life despite the fact that they had no right to own land. The administration, for instance, ensured that every family household gets food and shelter. Furthermore, emperor Gaozu (Liu Bang) relieved peasants in the rural areas from paying taxes which eased the burden for the lowly placed.

The women and children also served important roles in the development of the dynasty. The women, for example, performed most of the house chores while their husbands worked to earn some income. The women served as caregivers during sickness, and also took care of the children. The children on their part helped their parents to perform some of the simple house chores such as washing utensils and cleaning the house.






















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