Personal Development Plan


Personal Development Plan


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Personal Development Plan


Learning and development is an important and continuous process for persons who intend to improve on a particular facet in life. Moreover, the effective execution and accomplishment of any significant endeavor in life requires proper planning. Therefore, personal development planning is an intricate and important process that involves the creation of an action plan that is founded on awareness, reflection, values, setting of goals, and planning for personal development within a specific context such as education, career, relationship, or self-improvement (Mishra, 2010). Consequently, the current report is a personal development plan whose main objective is to serve as a guide on how to professionally develop my effectiveness as a leader and manager of staff in addition to modeling myself as a role model, one capable to attracting top talent and the ability to leverage the existing opportunities in developing, coaching and developing my subordinates.

PDP as a Tool for Self Review

In essence, the PDP experience has been highly insightful and impactful and has especially played a critical role in laying a strong foundation towards the attainment of my personal, academic, and career goals. The corporate sector has transformed significantly over the years and one of the major transformations involves an increasing demand of leadership skills as opposed to the traditional focus on managerial skills. Contemporary organizations have shifted towards the use of teams to achieve organizational goals and objectives and hence the need for persons with good leadership skills in addition to the managerial skills. Moreover, the academic program is strategically designed to equip the learners with the relevant knowledge pertaining to not only business management but also leadership. The learning materials and instruction are not necessarily theory oriented but also tailored to ensure they capture the real aspects of the contemporary corporate world.

Teamwork, which is also an intricate part of leadership, is also important for employment. Contemporary organizations are increasingly basing their organizational structures on teams where the workforce is organized into teams and each individual plays specific roles and duties with the aim of achieving a common objective. The assessment of a person’s skills in performing effectively in a team requires the use of some of the team work criteria. Some of the significant skills that are necessary for effective teamwork include: the ability to listen, respect all members, work under minimal supervision, question, assist, persuade, participate, and share. As part of the module, we were required to work in teams during the group discussions. While taking part in the group discussions, I was able to exercise some of the team work skills such as listening to the ideas of other group members, which played a critical role in developing, consolidating, and strengthening my personal ideas and conceptions. Another aspect of the class discussions involved critiquing the ideas presented by the members. During the activity, one is able to develop the relevant skill of not necessarily taking everything at face value but attempting to understand the deeper contexts of an idea and then offering an objective appraisal of the idea or concept being proposed. During the discussions, I was also able to develop and employ my persuasion skills. Persuasion skills are critical in leadership since they enable the leader to convince the members regarding the significance of the end goals and objectives of the team in addition to convincing the investors or persons responsible for funding the team to avail to the resources that are necessary in achieving the goals and objectives of the team. The participation of the team members mainly relies on how their understanding of the respective roles and responsibilities and how they value their impact on the entire team. By respecting all members of the team, I was able to relate cohesively with all members while ensuring that the conflicts arising during the interaction were resolved in an amicable manner. Team work also involves assisting each other whenever one requires help. There were occasions where a team member would find a certain concept challenging and would approach me for assistance. In such occasions, I would work together with the individual by going through the existing literature and other sources of information until we were able to understand the concept well. Additionally, offering assistance to other individuals plays a critical role in cementing one’s own knowledge base on not only the concept being tackled but also on other related concept since the research processes mainly involves touching on other concepts that are related to the subject at hand.


If find the practical application of theory as the best way to learn. Although it is possible to read, understand and possibly cramming the reading material, the most appropriate mode of learning and committing to memory is through the practical application of what is learned. Therefore, one of the underlying motivations in continuing to study is that the module allows for the practical applications of what is learned in class.


The current course plays a critical role in assisting me improve on my employability. As earlier cited, the contemporary corporate and organizational world is keen to employ persons with both managerial and leadership skills. The PDP program in essence, serves as a critical step towards achieving two of the most important skills in the contemporary corporate world, which are managerial and leadership skills.




The underlying career skills mainly comprise of managerial and leadership skills. The development of these skills requires one to take up specific courses mainly referred to as academic qualifications. Additionally, the career also requires one to have leadership skills which although can be learned in an academic setting, are best proven through practical applications and experiences.

Indicators of Success

The main indicators of success mainly comprise of performance in formal and regular evaluations against clearly laid down benchmarks and standards. As far as the academic goals are concerned, the main indicators of success will be the performance in the examinations. Since the examinations are normally conducted on a semester basis, the standard for a given semester will be based on the performance of the previous one although the underlying benchmark is grade B or 65 points: whereby any performance below this regardless of the level of improvement from the previous will be considered a fail and relevant measures put in place to ensure better performance. The indicators of success as far as the career goals are concerned will mainly entail the ability to secure employment in the desired reputable firms in addition to the ability to rise through the ranks with time.

Personal Insights

As part of personal development planning, one of the critical steps involves setting clear goals and objectives that need to be achieved over a specific period.

Identifying the areas the need further development requires one to perform a personal SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis is a contextual framework that highlights the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are associated with the party under review. In essence, the strengths offer a solid foundation for pursuing the objectives at hand; the weaknesses are the various areas that require urgent attention and development if the endeavor at hand is to be achieved; the opportunities reveal the various resources and areas that are open for exploitation while the threats indicate that factors that serve to hinder the attainment of the endeavor at hand.


  • From the various leadership and managerial positions that I have served in the past, it is plausible that I have admirable basic leadership and administration skills coupled by detailed knowledge in accordance to my current level of training and capacity.
  • Over the years, I have been able to develop a significant amount of confidence based on the various endeavors I have undertaken and capacities that I have served in. I have been able to cope with the pressures of the current module in combination with other undertakings that are characterized by working for long hours, sleep deprivation, and a significant amount of practical work.
  • The opportunity to lead a team over a protracted period of time and enabling the team to meet its goals and objectives served to demonstrate that to some extent, I am able to provide clear direction and lead people into achieving a common objective.

Weaknesses/Areas of further development

  • Although I appear to hold some sense of knowledge regarding leadership at my current capacity, there is still a substantial gap that I need to cover as far as the desired career is concerned. When placed in a large organization that has a greater number of personnel, it is quite possible that I would exhibit a lack of in depth knowledge that is necessary when leading an organization or department.
  • Despite my good performance as a leader in the various capacities that I have served under, the leadership qualities the leadership qualities that I have exhibited are mainly inherent since I have I do not have any form of formal training on the subject.
  • I lack adequate business skills that are critical to ensuring that an organization operates in a way that is financially sound.
  • There is also significant room for improvement as far as developing my level of confidence is concerned. Important to note is that my previous undertakings in leadership capacities were not as challenging as the ones in the desired positions. Moreover, the seniority and academic levels of the people that I will interact with as a manager in a leading organization will be significantly high and hence the need to develop higher levels of confidence.
  • Moreover, there is need to develop excellent planning and decision making skills. The management of large organizations involves receiving feedback from myriad sources and then integrating the information to support the decisions to be made. Moreover, such capacities call for the formulation and execution of both short term and long term strategies that demand accurate planning.  \
  • In terms of health and fitness, there is still great room for improvement. I tend to experience fatigue quite fast and run out of breath when running for short distances. Although managerial positions do not necessarily involve strenuous physical activities, it is important to ensure that one is physically fit in order to cope with the challenges that are associated with the role.




  • The current module offers a significant opportunity for one to develop the relevant skills and abilities that are necessary to attain the specified life goals.
  • A simple research reveals a number of academic institutions that offer leadership, managerial, and business courses. Moreover, the courses are well tailored to meet the needs of the different learners. For instance, some course come in the form of distance and online learning whereby the learner can take the class from remote and convenient locations. Others are part-time courses that allow the learner to take up the course at convenient times of the day while pursuing other endeavors.
  • With regards to education, although some of the courses are costly, there are numerous funding opportunities and scholarships that are aimed at financing needy but abled students.


  • The main threat to attaining the goals is the challenge of balancing between work and other commitments.

Below is an explanation of the clear skills in the personal, academic, and career realm that need further development in order to attain my underlying goals.

At first, I need to gain a greater in-depth knowledge of leading an organization or department in the contemporary corporate sector. As earlier indicated, leadership skills are critical to company success as they not only focus on the goals and objectives of the company, but also on the workforce, who play a primary role in attaining the set goals. Moreover, I intend to widen my understanding of leadership in terms of what it entails and its distinctive necessities. Secondly, I need to achieve and develop the core business skills. In the management profession, it is critical that one has the relevant academic qualifications in addition to being equipped with the relevant business skills. Important to note is that although the managerial profession is not necessarily restricted to business firms but also covers not-for-profit organizations, the management of the latter also requires one to have core business skills in order to ensure that the financial aspects of the organizations are well managed and hence decreasing the overreliance on donor funding in addition to ensuring that all funds are utilized in a financially sound manner as opposed to being misappropriated or invested in less lucrative fields.

Thirdly, I intend to develop confidence both as a leader and in the realm of management. Confidence plays a critical role in management as it facilities improved productivity. One the other hand, the lack of confidence normally results in negative social interactions in addition to unclear and waivered decisions that are normally detrimental to the success of both the individual and the organization. I also intend to improve on my planning and decision making skills. Two of the primary roles of management are decision making and planning and hence it is important for an individual to develop both decision making and planning skills to work effectively in such capacities. Moreover, one of the most neglected aspects in management is the need for personal fitness and good health. I, therefore intend to improve on my personal fitness and ensure that I am holistically healthy and fit in terms of my mental, spiritual, and physical faculties.

Future Plans

Future planning mainly entails assessing and identifying the relevant requirements and actions that are needed to achieve the personal, academic, and career goals, identify the available resources and designing an appropriate plan of how to exploit the available resources with the main objective of achieving the personal, academic, and career goals and objectives.

At first I intend to complete the current module successfully especially the personal development planning module. The module plays a critical role in providing one with the adequate planning skills as far as the path towards attaining my persona, academic, and career goals are concerned.

Important to note is that career goals and intertwined with academic goals in that the latter are supposed to assist one to gain the necessary academic qualifications to achieve the latter. Therefore, as far as academic goals are concerned, I plan to pursue the course of Master’s in business administration and possibly also pursue a doctorate level course on the same. Attaining the academic qualifications are necessary to securing employment in a managerial position at a leading corporate institution or organization. However, such positions do not necessarily come through direct employment after graduation but require one to rise through the ranks. I also intend to take up a leadership course at one of the local institutions in addition to attending a variety of leadership talks from some of the leading speakers. Although I seem to have inherent leadership attributes, leadership skills require constant practice and honing.

Developing self-confidence normally developed through a wide range of endeavors that range from engaging in activities that one can perform comfortable and gradually striving towards the challenging ones. Attending motivational talks and reading motivational books also plays a significant role in building a person’s confidence. Moreover, continuous self-assurance is important in creating and building one’s confidence.

As far as physical fitness is considered, I purpose to register in one of the local fitness centers where qualified trainers assist the members through all the relevant training activities. Also plan to engage in morning or evening walks or runs on a daily basis. In the event that registration at the local fitness training centers proves challenging owing to financial or other factors, there are numerous cardiovascular and muscular fitness and training activities that one can take either at home or in an open field.


In conclusion, the module has been highly insightful and plays a significant role in providing one with the necessary knowledge and skills on how to design and execute and personal development plan. The personal development plan learnt in class is highly comprehensive and takes into account an individual’s personal, academic, and career goals, which in essence are intricately connected. For the current personal development plan, the main object is to serve as a guide into ensuring that I am able to secure employment and work effectively as a manager in a leading corporate institution or organization. The personal development plan identifies that the main areas of weaknesses that require development are leadership skills, business skills, physical fitness, and self-confidence. The plan forges a number of activities to be undertaken in the future that are aimed at exploiting the existing opportunities, capitalizing on the strengths, while taking into account the various strengths in the effort of developing the identified areas of weakness.



Mishra, M. N. (2010). Organisational behaviour and corporate development. Mumbai: Himalaya Pub. House.

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