Popular Car for College Students





Popular Car for College Students

The means of transport we use is always an important thing to consider as students. Some may choose to go to school by bus, others may also walk to school on foot and finally others may consider coming to school on private vehicles. As students, it is always critical to choose a car that can serve your needs and is sustainable for you. Sustainable in the sense the one can efficiently manage the cost of fuel and also other budget implications that arise when one has a car. As a student, I have the choice of a Nissan Versa as my choice of car I use in college for transport. This paper duels majorly on the reasons that made me settle for Nissan Versa a choice. Below are the reasons why I prefer it more than other vehicles.

First, the car is spacious enough, and it could comfortably accommodate two adult at the back. This feature about the car has made it possible to use the car for school, and I can also carry along friends. The car also has the incredible features that make me enjoy its services. It is the only subcompact model to have a standard five-speed manual gearbox. It is also equipped with a 107-horse power, 1.6 – liter four–cylinder engine. It also has manual windows and doors. It also has an optional air condition, a stereo and also an automatic transmission. These factors have been mainly the reason behind the fact that this car is very light. This situation makes it easy to control while driving.

It is affordable in terms of the market pricing. The market price of a Nissan Versa is cheaper than most models. I prefer the car to others because it is cheaper and at the same time serves a major purpose for my transportation. With the specifications of the engine, its fuel consumption is very low compared to other models. Another issue of the car is spare parts. They are relatively cheaper compared to other models. The spare parts are easily available in mechanical shops at fair prices. As a result, to a student, this is a sustainable car and economical too. It is cost-effective because someone uses less cash to maintain it and can use the remaining money for other things. I can also listen to some music from the stereo system fitted in the car. The seats in the car are short and straight. This condition makes the seats comfortable enough for me when am driving.

When it comes to safety, this vehicle is fitted with comfortable safety belts that are very adjustable on all the seats. These belts provide protection for the passengers whenever I am driving to and from school. It also makes the front seat positioned well enough for the better view of the road as I drive. They are not leaning forward, and this contributes to the comfort about the car. The car also has a tire pressure monitoring system that gives security to me. It tells me the state of my tires in terms of pressure so that I can overcome any uncertainties that might occur along the way.

All in all, the car that one chooses should take into consideration these features such as, the fuel consumption and the cost and also the safety of the vehicle they want to use. It is important as students to consider this, having in mind the limited resource we have as students.

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