Population Explosion and Its Effects


Population Explosion and Its Effects













Population Explosion and Its Effects

As the world’s population continues to surge, a pressure is being exerted on the available natural resources such as water, arable land, and other natural resources. Close to 99 % of food consumed across the globe comes from land, while less than 1% comes from the sea.  As the world population keeps on growing, such resources are over-utilized since their requirements also grow. Additionally, population explosion leads to environmental degradation. In densely populated regions, air and water pollution is a common phenomenon. Consequently, there are negative health outcomes caused by over population.  In many instances, the health facilities are strained such that they cannot offer efficient healthcare to the population (Dimick, 2014). Many people have limited access to healthcare.

Various reasons are attributed to the rapid population growth across the world. Currently, life expectancy has increased than in the past. This is associated with the improvements in nutrition and healthcare. As people live longer, they reach the reproductive age. Similarly, a United Nations report notes that many people are moving to safer and more developed regions, which makes them access better standards of living (Dimick, 2014). Consequently, they give birth to more children since they can access better healthcare and other necessities.

Technology is one of the major reasons associated with rapid population growth across the world. Advancements in technology have enabled healthcare practitioners to offer better services that ensure that the population is healthier. Nowadays, even barren people can raise children, thanks to technology. Also, technology has led to industrialization, which plays a role in creating jobs for people (Cantrell, 2011).The income earned from employment enables people to live a better life, therefore, increasing their life expectancy.



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