Primary Goals in Depression Therapy




Primary Goals in Depression Therapy




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Primary Goals for Depression Therapy to an Unresponsive Medical Care Patient

There are many ways through which therapists or psychiatrists can manage depression in patients. The most critical aspect is to identify the array of procedures which are suitable to a particular patient. However, conventionally there are general procedures which a standard therapy program must adhere to.  These general procedures are usually the main goals for any therapeutic exercise, especially at the commencement stage. For example, in the case of Mr. Peters referred to me, my primary goals will be to build a trustworthy therapeutic partnership, undertake a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, evaluate the patient’s safety, to partner with the Primary Care Physician (PCP), and to promote treatment adherence.

Establishing a trustworthy relationship with Mr. Peters will be my first goal. Ideally, for any therapeutic procedure to be productive, a therapist must establish and maintain a collaborative relationship with the patient. Therefore, from the onset I will ensure that I involve Mr. Peters in key decisions. I will also seek his opinion on key issues to ensure that I prioritize his preferences. Secondly, I will undertake a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to determine the degree of help he needs from me. Besides determining the main depressive disorder a patient is suffering from, a diagnostic assessment helps to diagnose other subsidiary ailments which the patient may be suffering from (Gelenberg et al., 2010). Therefore, the diagnostic assessment will help me to determine other possible problems which might be amplifying Mr. Peter’s depressive problems.

Analyzing the general safety of Mr. Peter will be my third goal. I will ensure that I determine the risk of danger he poses to himself, or to people around him. This will also help me to establish the best environment suitable for his treatment. My fourth goal will be to partner with the PCP who referred him to me. Usually, depression patients need specialized care from clinicians; hence, the PCP who has a history with him will be more suitable. My last goal will be to ensure that Mr. Peter adheres to the recommended treatment procedures. This will minimize the possibilities of a relapse during the therapy period.



















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