Self-protective optimism is a psychological term that talks about children’s biased belief about the stability of traits. They believe that positive behaviors are more likely to remain stable across time and situations than negative ones. Positive behaviors are often encouraged as the child grows through motivation while negative behavior is discouraged through punishment. As a result of this belief, the children tend to acquire positive skills and those that enable them compete with their mates favorably.

Social comparison is a term that involves learning about our abilities and attitudes by comparing ourselves with others and even their opinions. This comparison is of particular importance in childhood. During this period, children try to get to know themselves, and they are getting to know the impacts of the environment on them. Therefore, social comparison helps them to compare their characters with those that are enviable. This comparison positively affects their growth.

Hormones are vital in the physical and psychological aspects of puberty. The production of gonadotropins in male children, further leads to the manufacture of follicle-stimulating hormones which is accountable for the making of sperms in the testes. This production is also with the help of the hypothalamus. This process starts in the brain. In ladies, hormones are responsible for the ovulation cycle they begin to undergo at puberty. The hormones result in growth and changes in the body. Hormones change the psychological thinking of children at puberty to be more mature.

In adolescent egocentrism, the youth thinks of himself as unique as a consequence of the physiological changes that occur at this point. They believe that people’s view about them is entirely different from their own. They believe that all the attention is on them. On the other hand, children have the view that everybody feels, sees, hears and thinks the same way they do.

Identity foreclosure is a process in identifying oneself. People think they know who they are yet they have not yet explored the options available to them. This stage often is an imitator of self-achievement. On the other end, identity moratorium is the crisis where one now finds his or her identity. In the process, they are exploring the different options to find an identity.

Homeostasis and allostasis are processes that involve maintaining the human body internal balance in response to external conditions. In order to achieve internal body balance, there is a necessity for a nutrition that enables the body taking in minerals and nutrients that maintain the osmotic processes in the cells. Thus, these two process are highly dependent on diet proper functioning of body organs.



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