Quality in Healthcare

Quality in Healthcare




Quality in Healthcare

Diverse factors ranging from drug safety and medical mistakes affect quality in healthcare. Some patients receive good quality care and regain their health quickly. Others receive substandard care and their conditions worsen while at the hospital. Quality in healthcare is dependent on various factors such as the ability to capture and store a patient’s data effectively, physicians’ knowledge, and adequate healthcare personnel. Poor health quality harms the patient and increase the healthcare costs. Overworked healthcare personnel will not be able to work well. Medical facilities and doctors end up incurring more costs when patients sue them for negligence. Their reputation suffers because of such cases. In some cases, physicians have resulted to conducting numerous unnecessary tests because they want to avoid legal issues. Quality in healthcare also means being able to afford the healthcare costs. Many people who are not insured find it challenging to get the right treatment. They wait until their situation worsens before they consult a doctor. This has affected quality in health care because such people will have lower chances of recovery. They might have to live with the disease because diagnosis was not done at the right time (NCQA, n. d.).

Improving healthcare quality means making sure that patients are able to get the best care possible. They should receive the right diagnosis and treatment. They should also be taken care of in the most appropriate manner while in the hospital. Proper care will aid and hasten their recovery. For this to happen, hospitals need sufficient medical personnel. Healthcare practitioners need to have adequate knowledge and skills in their areas of practice. Hospitals should be well equipped in terms of good and high quality medical equipment, drugs, and other resources. People need to be able to go to a hospital whenever they experience any health problems. They should not be limited by the fact that they cannot afford healthcare because they do not have any insurance

The quality issues in healthcare indicate a need to reexamine the healthcare profession on different angles. For instance, there has been increased uptake of technology as hospitals seek ways of ensuring good storage and easy retrieval of the patients’ data. This has required medical personnel to learn about the usage of information technology and systems. Hospitals have changed the way they operate as they seek to ensure that there is increased and efficient communication between different health practitioners. State, local, and the federal governments are taking measures to regulate the industry to ensure that people get quality care wherever they choose to go. These regulations have affected the private sector because such institutions have to comply with the government requirements. This will ensure that health practitioners are legally responsible for their actions.

The affordable care act aims at improving quality healthcare. The act makes it possible for people to get the health treatment they need by requiring every person to have insurance. In addition, people can access some of the health services freely. Under the act, states can get federal funding that they will use to establish health homes, which will take care of people with chronic conditions. The patients will receive high quality care in these homes and this is likely to improve their health outcomes. The act encourages states to provide coverage for preventive services targeting adults. The law provides that preventive services such as mammograms, blood pressure, cholesterol tests, and immunization at no cost. These measures are aimed at ensuring that healthcare improves. They will affect the quality of care provided and they will reduce the chances of an illness becoming worse (Trivedi, 2013).



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