Quartz Shower Market Analysis

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Quartz Shower Market Analysis

Question 1

Since its inception, Quartz shower has registered low sales because of two main reasons, namely; plumber rigidity, and poor marketing strategies. Unlike most manufacturers, plumbers have a direct relationship with final consumers (Moon and Herman 2002). Consequently, most consumers prefer to buy the type of shower recommended to them by plumbers. When electronic push technology failed in 1980s, most plumbers became distrustful against installing showers with a similar technology. Thus, their skepticism to Quartz shower which makes use of the same technology has prevented them from recommending it to probable consumers. The shower has also failed to make sufficient sales due to use of inefficient marketing strategies which do not target final consumers.

Question 2

The beneficiaries of Quartz shower are ultimately the plumbers and the final consumers. The magnificence with which the shower is built promotes both faster installation and user safety. Whereas plumbers take at least two days to install other showers, they just need half a day to fix this type of shower. Besides benefiting the plumbers, the shower provides a service which suits consumer needs. Specifically, it operates at pressures and temperatures which guarantee user safety.

Question 3

Quartz shower is without doubt a niche product. Even though the product makes use of premium technology, it is still easy to install and use. Therefore, consumers can be accessed directly by the company and be influenced to use the product. In mass markets, consumers cannot be accessed directly by manufacturers.

Question 4

To improve sales of Quart shower, Harry Rawlinson should adopt more aggressive methods of marketing. For instance, he should try to reach final consumers and developers directly. The flexibility of Quartz shower is a major strength which can make it an instant sale to many prospective users if they are approached directly. Also, Rawlinson should organize free countrywide workshops for experienced plumbers to educate them about the benefits of the new shower.       


















Moon, Youngme, and Kerry Herman. Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a better shower. Harvard Business School, 2002.

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