Race and Biology



Race and Biology




Race and Biology

The greatest vice and cause of separation and segregation between human beings has always been race with people with one type of skin color considering themselves more superior to other people a notion that has caused great rifts. Race has always been considered as a biological differentiation among human beings with the white population being referred to as the most superior and the black closest to the apes and as such the least evolved of the human race. The focus on the differences in skin color has been at the center of the debate with very few people stopping to analyze the biological or scientific evidence to back the same claims. Race has nothing to do with biology but everything to do with behavior, geography, and the adaptations of human beings to their environment for survival. Therefore, the visible differences observed in the different people across the world are not because of the biological differences but because of the environment the people exist.

People have been preconditioned to believe that the greatest differences between the human racial variations can be explained by comparing and contrasting visible physical disparities like the skin color. The concept of race and racism was nonexistent before the colonial period as it was only promulgated by the Europeans in their attempts to assert their superiority over the Native Americans and the African they exported for slavery. However, the scientific studies that have been conducted in the recent centuries have proved the theorems that support the clear demarcations of the human race as baseless. The studies have shown that the racial classifications that have been erected have as low as six percent differences in the gene composition which is compared to the over ninety percent in physical differences (American Anthropological Asociation, 2016). It is to mean that biologically the differences between a white, black, Asian, and Latina are very minimal as they bare almost similar and overlapping genes. Hence, the different ‘racial groups’ are not subspecies of the humankind seeing as the overlapping and shared genetic material has maintained it as a single species.

The main difference and that which people pay more attention to are the distinct physical variations that exist between the said groups. The physical distinctions do not occur abruptly but gradually over geographical areas and are inherited independently of one another. For instance, the color of the skin is greatly associated with the geographical location than the genes and varies from light to dark from the temperate to the tropical areas respectively. However, research has shown that while people associate the visible physical differences with genetic superiority or inferiority, it is not the case as evidence show more genetic differences within the racial classification that exist between two racial classifications (American Anthropological Asociation, 2016). Therefore, the truth about the racial differences can be traced from external factors other than biology seeing as the differences between the races are smaller than those within the race.

Therefore, all human populations differ from one another especially physically because of different geographical adaptations that they are subjected to ensure their survival. For instance, people living in very sunny areas have darker skin as an adaptation to prevent skin cancer. The differences are also as a result of intermarriage and migration from one location to another which creates distinct differences in the physical features as a survival mechanism (RACE, 2016). Therefore, the concept of race is more social that it is biological as it was advanced during the colonial era in a bid to identify the different statuses of people in America and Europe.

The concept of race has been greatly misconceived as Race has nothing to do with biology but everything to do with behavior, geography, and the adaptations of human beings to their environment for survival. The visible differences are as a result of the geographical location of the person having them and not the genetic material. Hence, the concept of race is more social that it is biological seeing as when a child is born he or she does not know racial differences and is only made aware of them by what the society indoctrinates in him or her with little to no scientific backing.



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