Describing the Problem and the Group it affects

The issue of climate change seems to be generating a lot a debate from environmentalists and members of the public in California following the recent happenings. The residents of California feel that it is time to act to avoid the adverse effects of climate change that may become unbearable should the intervention delay. Several factors contribute towards the rapid climate change that is evident in the state. First, a series of wildfires that have hit the region in the recent past and the escalation of drought due to prolonged lack of rain in some area such as the western Sierra Nevada now fill the air with haze and smoke. The massive Eiler fire that hit  Hat Greek a couple of years, for example, left a vast region uncovered with tree which increased the amount of dust and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, an occurrence which continues to impact on the society up to the current times. The escalating amount of the greenhouse gases seems to be having an impact on the ozone layer, and this may result in global warming that is characterized by increased temperatures, extended dry periods, low snowpack, and more intense storms.

The issue of climate change that now seems to be a significant problem facing the local community may have further devastating effects on the residents of this area. One of the groups that will experience worse effects of the change are the people who reside the coastal region where on regular days the residents enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean while they relax on the sandy beaches. It is frightening that the number of people who are at risk of suffering from the effects of floods could double in the next two decades owing to the sea-level that is projected to go high. Fears are emerging that the sea level is already rising and soon many people may lack fresh water when the salty water from the sea enters freshwater bodies. The locals may also experience a reduction or even complete loss of native fish that are majorly coldwater fish bearing in mind that a large population in this region support their income through the commercial fisheries that are spread across the region. Claims are already emerging that non-native fish such as carp are replacing native species such as trout and Salmon and this appears to worry the majority of residents who feel that they may soon lose their livelihood. Finally, the residents who inhabit the regions that experience wildfires and excessive combustion of substances that emit greenhouse gases are at the risk of suffering from respiratory diseases which puts the lives of many people at risk.

The Solution

The issue of climate change that seems to affect a more substantial part of California requires the implementation of solutions that will have long-lasting implications. The first step through which the residents of this region can prevent further damage is to acquire education on the need to engage in advanced agricultural practices to increase the area that is under vegetative cover. It occurs that the increased clearing of vegetation leaves the land bare which increases the rate of climate change. Members of the public should receive support from the government and other institutions to help them plant trees, and should also receive guidance on how to bring up the seedlings. Members of the public should also invest in drought resistance crops which may stand the harsh climatic conditions.

The other possible way through which the members of public can deal with the adverse effects of climate change is to switch to alternative forms of energy other than using avenues that may release harmful gases into the atmosphere. The best way would be to turn to green sources of energy such as biogas, wind energy and solar that does not have an adverse impact on the environment. It might be difficult for some people to switch to the green sources of power due to the high cost of acquiring biogas digesters or solar panels and this means that it may be essential to provide the necessary assistance to the groups that cannot quickly switch to the less harmful forms. Finally, it may be essential to engage the members of the public in teaching practices that educate them on the advantages of using forms of energy that have little effect on the environment. It is also important for the state to join hands with private organizations to ensure that the teaching programs reach people in different areas in California.

Defending the Solutions

Engaging in agricultural practices and tree planting initiatives, and switching to alternative forms of energy are the best solutions to the problem of climate change which seems to be one of the significant challenges in the state. The chief reason why engaging in more agricultural practices and increasing the amount of tree coverage will help to prevent further climate change is that little land will remain open to direct heating from the sun which may increase the amount of dust. Switching to green forms of energy, on the other hand, is a suitable solution to the problem because the sources of energy do not emit gases that lead to global warming.  The efforts to avoid the effects of climate change may witness obstacles which may entail lack of knowledge among members of the public on how to plant trees, and unwillingness to switch to alternative forms of energy.


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