A speech is an important part of any presentation. It offers the listeners an opportunity to reflect on the important points that are being highlighted during any presentation. It forms a significant element of persuasion and persuasive communication as points and opinions are raised. Before engaging in any presentation, I learnt that the method of delivery enables the presenter and the listeners understand significant content considering the weight of the points as well as an opportunity for responsiveness. The introduction of any speech begins with a relevant aspect, that of identifying the purpose of the presentation. The overview contains supportive points that will enable any listener to make relevant connections and acquire subjective and objective opinions regarding the information. A conclusion is also important since it creates an overview of the entire points and ensures that people understand the significance underlying the structure. The academic and personal context of speech writing draws relevance to the design and approach of communication skills that may improve the understanding of the audience.

Ethics in persuasion and communication is an important aspect that any presenters should consider when relaying a speech. Evidently, the diversity of culture, administration, and social orientation affects the probability of absolute ethical standards. Although people are granted the freedom of speech in different countries, the likelihood of a group working towards ethical correspondence is quite limited. Ethical decision-making involves ensuring that any undertaken ventures consider the culture and social orientation of each group member. Therefore, the concept of truthfulness is applied to work for all members. On the other hand, failure to ensure truthfulness leads to undesirable outcomes and acts as a communication barrier. Each member of a group is required to carry out relevant research and ensure they produce truthful and evidence based results. I believe that truthfulness is a quality that should be valued if any group is to succeed.

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