Reflection and Report

Reflection and Report



Experience through active engagement of students is an effective strategy towards successful instruction and learning for the students. The students the use of measurement experiences is an effective strategy in enabling the students to gain an understanding of the various metrics and concepts used in measurement. Learning through experience is effective because it provides the students with subject matter for reflection and understanding of the topics and issues raised during instruction. In addition, the use of two concepts namely geometry and measurements provides the students with an opportunity to develop a linkage between the two terms taught in the classroom.

Lesson plan 1

This lesson was developed with adherence to constructivist ideologies, the need to enhance cooperative learning and use of ICT to ensure optimized learning for the students. Instruction was delivered with an aim of providing them with skills to make comparisons of distances and order lengths using metrics such as meters and centimeters.

Lesson plan 2

The second lesson plan was developed with the objectives of providing students with skills and knowledge on estimation of distances and lengths. This was done through use of active and cooperative strategies that would provide them with skills on conversion of various metrics and the appropriate use of respective measures based on the object of measurement. Measurements, estimation of distance and length is done through active engagement and activities to ensure that they are able to make relation of items or issues taught and experiences.

Lesson plan 3

Activities used in this lesson were effective in providing the students with the experiences on how to take accurate measures of objects. Through description and participation, the students were tasked with provision of accounts on how they are arrived at various measures.

Lesson plan 4

Given their experiences on the activities on measurements and using various metrics, engaging them to provide narrations on the use of different measures would enable them to recall and understand their selections and experiences on measuring objects. They are able to relate their narratives with experiences from the activities conducted in previous lessons.

Lesson plan 5

Investigation of various measurements and metrics used in earlier lessons to ensure that they have gained knowledge and understanding on the use of diverse measures for various purposes.


Cooperative learning and

Use of ICT




  • Write a reflection on Part A (which is the rationale and the lesson plans uploaded in the files) in the form of an evaluation of your rationale and five lessonplans. Your reflection should include an evaluation from the perspective of the learner (students), howwould you imagine:
    1. they would respond to each of your three different teaching strategies. I used the following strategies:
      1. Constructivism,
      2. Cooperative learning and
  • Use of ICT)

and how you would envisage conducting each strategy


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