Reflection Paper


Reflection Paper















Reflection Paper

A happy, healthy and successful lifestyle is a common desire amongst different people. This notion is especially true when consideration is given to the widespread belief that all humans were made for a purpose and everyone’s wish is to leave the world a better place than he/she found it. Women are an interesting species in the world and healthcare matters concerning them are vital in understanding their physiological functioning. In fact, health is the basis of life and understanding women in general is something I am enthusiastic about because they represent a large segment of the society. They are procreators without whom life would not be discernible. It is however unfortunate that women endure various difficulties during the course of their lives. Over the years, I have developed great respect for the resilience displayed by women in tackling challenging situations with physiological consequences for their well-being.

Witnessing the mistreatment of a black woman by a female nurse in a hospital during one of my medical checkups stirred my mind over the several instances of discrimination such women face by their counterparts. The high levels of intersectionality prevalent within the society is alarming because victims suffer from low self-esteem and are ashamed of themselves despite the ongoing prejudicial treatment meted against women in general (Gideon, 2017). It must have been more hurtful when such incidents occur in the presence of their children. I have however felt encouraged by the several success stories of women from marginalized communities who dismiss such biases, address such perpetrators with decency and pursue their goals in life. These women refuse to be put down by such snide comments and their ambition to treat fellow ladies with respect is visible in their mannerisms. It is a sign that they recognize their worth and strive to achieve better goals in life.

Our nation is consumed with political discourse about the need for equal pay for equal work. Countless female leaders and women employees have taken to the airwaves to express their desire for income equality in the workplace. Outright dismissal of this initiative is wrong because such skewed treatment of women tends to give them mental stress. I particularly feel sorry for the single mothers who have household responsibilities to cater for yet the low income levels prohibit them from living a modest life. It is even more disheartening to learn that such individuals struggle even to afford healthcare. I have often wondered how these people live by but I have come to the realization that women are better money managers than men (Gideon, 2017). They are better at making savings and capitalize on neighborhood sales events for most of their purchases. The minimal strides made in the accumulation of cash for the most urgent priorities serve as motivational victories which enable them develop a positive outlook of life. Having studied the different news coverage concerning this issue, it is clear that simple solutions adopted by different women aid in the reduction of anxiety about their source of funds in case of an emergency and provide them with a safety net which facilitates their day-to-day activities with minimal worries.

I have had interactions with families from poor backgrounds and their experiences are unpleasant. In fact, some of my friends have complained of lacking basic necessities and a majority of them hail from single aren’t homes. It is striking that poverty is harsher on women rather than men because the sources of livelihood available for the former are limited. Psychological torture is a common consequence of this misfortune and some of the victims have confessed to harboring intentions of joining the commercial sex trade. I pity these women who are forced to expose themselves to dangerous diseases and physical harm from working in unsafe communities. This trend should be discarded because it gives young girls the wrong impression about achieving success in life. I get more encouragement from the several young female restaurant attendants who work very hard under demanding environments to earn a minimal wage for their upkeep. It shows that women have become empowered to seek sources of income that are legitimate and morally right. I have also noticed that such females avoid living a promiscuous lifestyle which prevents them from indulging in self-destructive behavior. As such, they avoid numerous health-related complications such as low self-esteem, being suicidal and contraction of infections. It is my belief that women should have this kind of financial freedom in order to make positive changes in their lives without resorting to immoral means of poverty eradication because such antics are harmful to their health. In most instances, preference for menial jobs in establishments such as restaurants are worthwhile endeavors because they provide the beneficiaries with great career skills and interpersonal development opportunities which aid in their holistic growth in the future.

Racial discrimination is a widespread malpractice within the US that has affected many people. Such attacks are even viler when directed towards women (Gideon, 2017). Derogatory remarks often used in popular culture against women have been used on numerous occasions in my presence, especially at parties. In most of these instances, the victims did not deserve the hateful comments and I witnessed their negative effects firsthand. Victims would immediately break down and walk away from the venue in embarrassment. This behavior is unbecoming because it robs them of their dignity and compels them to have pent-up anger, which is toxic to the individuals and those around them. I have felt the agony that such awful comments evoke and they crash someone’s spirits. Directing these remarks to ladies because of their vulnerability causes more harm to their fragile mental state and makes them emotional too. This causes instability in their physiological well-being and sometimes leads to irrational behavior. It is also unsurprising that sometimes the victims actually stop and lecture the perpetrators on the importance of discarding bigotry. I have seen the overwhelming power of positivity during such confrontations. In almost all encounters, these courageous women make it a point to remind their verbal abusers that they can be better than that by embracing diversity. This appeal to their emotions always seems to work and I think it reveals their mental fortitude in dealing with such situations. I concur with people who consider such sentiments as genuine expressions of unity as humans with a common destiny. It is even more appealing that women have realized the immense power such reactions have over their philosophies in life because they reassure them of their ability to face adversity head-on.

Print and electronic media are awash with news reports of domestic violence targeting women across different states. Most clips reveal that demeaning language and stereotypes of women are often used during such despicable acts (Gideon, 2017). I view these scenes as criminal actions which should be countered by severe punishment using existent laws. For many years, women have endured emotional and physical abuse from males and I think this trend should stop. The injuries inflicted on innocent females are horrible and sometimes lead to complications that demand medical attention. It is unfortunate that such behavior makes victims feel worthless and inferior to their aggressors to the point that they become slaves. I dissuade women from tolerating any form of injustice meted on them by their partners because such cruelty is dangerous for their health. In fact, I have noticed that male abusers use the warped misconception of tough love as the motivator for their actions. This is indeed a lie and has been proven over time. Several women have left abusive relationships and lived successful lives on their own. It is therefore imperative to note that women continuously face different socio-cultural challenges to their dignity and holistic growth. However, I have always reaffirmed my belief in their ability to rise from such encounters into better lifestyles owing to the courage displayed by victims of various injustices. The determination of women in pursuing a healthy lifestyle is unmatched as evidenced by the above experiences and such mentalities should be encouraged in order to build a just society for all. Women are fascinating species that lay an important role in community development and need all the support required for better social, mental, physical and financial well-being within the society. This approach would guarantee an improvement in their healthcare standards too.


















Gideon, J. (2017). Handbook on gender and health. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc.


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