Relevance of “I have A Dream” by Martin Luther King Jnr

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Relevance of “I have A Dream” by Martin Luther King Jnr


I Have a Dream is a famous speech written by Martin Luther King Jnr whose delivery at the National Mall on August 28, 1963 was so powerful that it brought consciousness to global leaders on the plight of minorities, especially blacks. It is laden with subtle jibes at racist tendencies while seeking empowerment for the African American community in the US. Martin Luther King managed to capture the sentiments of millions of oppressed people in the country and raised awareness of their quest for equal treatment. The speech aptly captures the struggle for equality especially for blacks and resonates to this day because in the search for a more perfect union, racism is still evident in most cities within USA.


Civil unrest had become a common sight all over the country due to the anger people felt towards discriminative behavior from their white countrymen. In fact, the speech highlights the different types of police brutality meted out on the black community while also emphasizing the negative effects of segregation in schools, churches, public spaces and even workplaces (Luther n.p.). Recent events have also mirrored the struggle blacks faced then such as the recent shootings of unarmed black teenagers by white police officers thereby heralding the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is a sign that people should heed to Martin Luther’s call for tolerance rather than applying stereotypes whose effect is sowing hatred among the citizenry.

The tone of the speech is soothing and the author beseeches all communities to forge a united front as a nation in tackling various challenges of life without discrimination based on color, creed, gender or religion. It is also inspirational because it offers hope of a time that equality will be a reality in the US, grounded on the firm belief that all human beings are created equal. This faith is applicable in 2017 because the desire for justice and freedom for all minorities is palpable especially after registration of significant successes in this struggle. For example, the recent election of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States signaled a shift in race relations. In fact, it is often touted as a fulfillment of King’s legacy. The speech therefore offers a reflection of the genesis of racial inequality and elevates the current simmering tensions between blacks and whites. Affirmation of stereotypes has greatly burdened Americans leading to divisive rhetoric throughout the country. It is unfortunate that most confrontations resulting from racial discrimination have led to innocent deaths and it is incumbent upon all citizens to strive for better relations in order to build a stronger nation.


Americans have proven to be resilient when facing difficulties hence the struggle for an end to racial discrimination reinforces this notion. Martin Luther King led a non-violent movement to achieve this goal and through this speech, stirred patriotism over bigotry. It is therefore imperative that the ongoing resistance to white domination be anchored in love rather than revenge to fellow kinsmen (Luther n.p.). Achieving equality is a daily struggle and the speech helps to embolden racial minorities because discrimination is still rife in most parts of the country. King’s noble intentions as envisioned in this speech serve as a reminder of the destructive nature of segregation and help to generate momentum for equality in the 21st century.


Work Cited

Luther, Martin. “I Have a Dream.” 28 August 1963, Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.


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