Research in Salaries in EHS





Research in Salaries in EHS

Oklahoma is a city which presents a family conducive environment with a cosmopolitan outlook. Resources such as quality healthcare, arts and education are easily available. The lifestyle within this city is affordable with energy shortages being minimal. In terms of traffic congestion, the infrastructure is well developed and structured to curtail this problem. It has experienced consistent fiscal growth thus being ranked as one of the cities with stable economies and being recession proof. With the establishment of energy generating plants, there is a crucial need to evaluate the job opportunities for professionals in the Environmental Health & Safety so as to ensure the city continuously expands as well as the environment is conserved and the available resources used economically.

The EHS profession salaries are structured in a manner that the highest paid expert is the EHS Regional Director within the city.  Such an individual is paid a total $98,000 (, n.p). The second title is Senior Process Project Engineer whereby persons employed in this position accrue $93,000. The third position is held by the Clinical Veterinarian with a salary of $ 77,000 (, n.p).  The forth position is filled by Regional Safety Managers who are paid a lump sum of $ 57,000. Performance Management Analysts fall in the fifth position being paid $ 47,000.Fire Safety Specialists are sixth highly paid professions in the EHS sector totaling a $ 42,000 in gross salary (, n.p). Phlebotomy Service Representative takes the seventh position with an average of $24,000. Lastly, the Test Technician forms the lower workforce level with a pay of $ 28,000.

When comparing the salaries of the aforementioned professionals in Oklahoma and the United States, according to statistics carried out by show that the salaries for members of EHS are 14% lower than the average despite the stability of the economy within this state (, n.p). This is further validated by statistics that illustrate that EHS specialists roughly earn a total of $60K with the lowest earning being estimated at $40K. Conclusively, it is valid to state that despite the fact that Oklahoma presents such an allure for job seekers, for professionals in the EHS the area is not ideal for job searching.



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