Rhetorical analysis





Rhetorical analysis

The speaker in the advert is Paul Harvey. The ad is meant to advertise the Ram Trucks. However, this is not obvious from the message contained in the advert. The advertisers used Harvey’s ‘So God made a Farmer’ speech as the only words in the advert. The ad contains images of different people meant to be farmers as they perform some of their daily tasks. It glorifies the farmer as God’s caretaker of his planned paradise. The audience could be farmers or anyone involved in the farming business. The audience could also be anyone who identifies with the hard working nature of the American farmer or any person who uses trucks for business. The purpose of the ad is to market the Ram trucks to the audience. It communicates the message that the Ram trucks are as enduring and tough as the farmer is. They can face diverse challenges but they are able to overcome them all.

The ad relies on both pathos and logos to communicate the message. It appeals to the emotions of the audience in different ways. Many people relate to the idea of the hard working American who is interested in the welfare of his family. He works hard to provide for his family. The family sits at the dinner table at the end of the day to share a meal together. The farmer experiences some challenges such as the loss of his animals but he is able to overcome them all. The depiction of the American flag is meant to evoke a sense of patriotism within the audience. It asks the audience to identify with the farmer. At the end of the commercial, the lingering message is ‘to the farmer in all of us’. This shows that although the ad has used the farmer as the main subject, it is actually meant for anyone who works and who can identify with the farmer. The audience will want to relate to the ad because of the sentiments it creates within them. It creates a sense of pride and it stirs up passion within the audience.

The use of logos or logical appeals is apparent in the ad. The advertisers expect the audience to reason with them through the ad. The inclusion of the farmers as they undertake different tasks in their fields as well as the depiction of the Ram trucks is meant to ask the audience to compare between the two. It is meant to indicate that both the farmer and the truck have similar characteristics. Although the ad does not contain words aimed at expressing the advantages of the Ram trucks, it does contain visual images aimed at encouraging the audience to make the connection between the trucks and the hard working American farmer. The ad demonstrates the speaker’s speech by including the different activities that farmers have to do in their daily lives. They have to milk cows, plant, and harvest, help their animals reproduce, and so on. They also endure losses and they get tired from performing all their activities. The photos in the commercial show the farmers as they sit on the back of their trucks resting or removing mud from their shoes. The ad does not intend to glorify the life of a farmer but to show the reality of what they do. It uses people from different races and ages, and it includes both men and women. This is evidence demonstrating what the speaker is saying in the message.

The decision to use Paul Harvey adds to the ethos in the advert. He was a respected radio celebrity and personality. He delivered the speech at a convention of the future farmers of America back in 1978. The audience trusts the message because of the person used as the main voice. The ad does not include the voice of any other person. The ad includes different styles such as repetition and analogies. The speaker uses the idea behind the creation story in which God made the earth in six days and rested on the seventh. The speaker gets more creative by adding an eighth day, which God used specifically to make the farmer. The speaker repeats the words ‘so God made a farmer’ to reiterate his message. Many people who watch the ad are bound to remember the words because they are repeated often. The use of imagery is very prevalent in the commercial. The images used in the ad are impressive photos of farmers in the field and with their families.

The super bowl commercials are some of the most watched in America. The advertisers understood this and they knew that they had to capture the attention of the audience immediately the ad aired. The ad is different from other commercials because it offers a different perspective. The ad does not mention the Ram trucks even though they are the subject of the advert. Instead, one can see the trucks in numerous occasions as the farmers use it to carry heavy load and farm produce, plough the field, or rest after a hard day’s work. The final image shows the Ram trucks at a distant. This was an effective way to ensure that the audience was listening and watching the ad. Initially it is not clear what one is watching or what the ad is meant to advertise. This only becomes clear in the end. The ad uses the elements of good story telling to get this effect because the audience watches until the end of the advert.



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